December 2017 Conference Agenda
Saturday, December 2, 2017
8:30 am – 3:30 pm
8:00 AM   Registration and Sign-In
8:30 AM   Welcome
Melissa Onishi
8:35 AM   Introduction
Dr. David Ma
8:45 AM   Guest Speaker from NASA Ames Research Center
Dr. Ved Chirayath
9:00 AM   Opening Remarks and HESTEMP Overview
Dr. Dilmurat Azimov
9:05 AM   SESSION 1
    Ocean Color Studies (OCS) Project Overview
Dr. Karen Selph
9:10 AM   Ocean Color Studies (OCS) Student Presentations
Note: 2 Presentations
9:20 AM   Atmospheric Aerosol Studies (AAS) Project Overview
Daryl Albano
9:25 AM   Atmospheric Aerosol Studies (AAS) Student Presentations
Note: 4 Presentations
10:05 AM   Coffee Break and Picture Taking
10:30 AM   SESSION 2
    Small Satellite Technologies (SST) Project Overview
Jonathan De Leon
10:35 AM   Small Satellite Technologies (SST) Student Presentations
Note: 6 Presentations
11:35 AM   Studies of Orbital Transfers (SOT) Student Presentation
Note: 1 Presentation
11:45 AM   Space Debris Studies (SDS) Project Overview
Cullen Matsumoto
11:50 AM   Space Debris Studies (SDS) Student Presentation
Note: 1 Presentation
12:00 PM   Lunch 
1:00 PM   SESSION 3
    Planetary Landing Technologies (PLT) Project Overview
Melissa Onishi
1:05 PM   Planetary Landing Technologies (PLT) Student Presentations
Note: 9 Presentations
2:20 PM   Studies of Water Extraction (SWE) Student Presentation
Note: 1 Presentation
2:30 PM   Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Project Overview
Evan Kawamura
2:35 PM   Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Student Presentations
Note: 4 Presentations 
3:15 PM   Discussions and Feedback on HESTEMP Activities
Dr. Dilmurat Azimov
3:30 PM   Adjourn


Special Guests
Dr. David Ma, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa College of Engineering Interim Associate Dean
Dr. Ved Chirayath, Director, NASA Ames Laboratory for Advanced Sensing
HESTEMP Project Leads, Mentors and Engineering Student Ambassadors
Daryl Albano, HESTEMP Engineering Student Ambassador
Dr. Dilmurat Azimov, HESTEMP Principal Investigator
Dr. Karen Selph, HESTEMP Project Lead
Jonathan De Leon, HESTEMP Mentor
Evan Kawamura, HESTEMP Mentor
Cullen Matsumoto, HESTEMP Mentor
Melissa Onishi, HESTEMP Mentor
Minji Jo
Richard Yamane
Technical Support
Thong Lien
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Facilities Management Work Coordination Center
Gina’s B-B-Q