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2005-2020 Legislative Briefings

Since 2005 the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) has organized a Legislative Energy Briefing to provide an update on the status of the State’s clean energy situation and to provide recommendations for the upcoming legislative session. The session is sponsored by the State’s Senate Energy & Environment Committee and the House Energy & Environmental Protection Committees. The following are archives of briefing agendas, notes, presentations, and other media if available.

HEPF’s annual briefing focuses on aligning our energy, transportation, and climate change policy with the needs of Hawaii residents. We recognize a significant gap between our 2045 carbon neutrality goals and where we are now, and pose the following questions: 

  • Where are we on the trajectories (both short-term and long-term) and where do we need to be?
  •  Are we doing enough to achieve the goals we have established?
  • Is it even possible to meet our goals, and if so what will it take? 
  • What about other pressing needs in Hawaii?

Achieving our clean electricity and ground transportation is implied in our goal of carbon neutrality by 2045. Reaching our Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) depends largely on the development of renewable resources which are subject to cost considerations, siting, and community acceptance as well as the ability of the grid to accommodate increasing levels of variable utility-scale and distributed generation.  Transitioning to clean transportation depends on three primary elements: mode shift, electrification, and land use. What is needed today to keep Hawaii on track to meet our vision of an equitable clean energy future for Hawaii?

Agenda: Bending the Curve: Energy, Transportation, and Climate Change Policy, January 10th 2020, 1:00pm – 4:30pm, Hawaii State Capitol Auditorium

Since 2005 the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) has organized a Legislative Energy Briefing to provide an update on the status of the State’s clean energy situation and to provide recommendations for the upcoming legislative session. The session is sponsored by the State’s Senate Energy & Environment Committee and the House Energy & Environmental Protection Committees. The following are archives of briefing agendas, notes, presentations, and other media if available.

April 3 – Biofuels

Agenda: At the Crossroads of Food, Fuel, & the Future of Hawaiʻi, April 3rd, 2017, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm, Hawaii State Capitol Conference Rm. 225

1:00pm – Sign-in & Project Mapping

1:30pm – Welcome

  • Senator Lorraine Inouye

1:35pm – Scenesetter

1:50pm – Overview of Green Initiative for Fuels Transition Resolution – Mr. Carl Campagna

1:55pm – Introductions and Moderated Town Hall

  • David Anton, Cellana
  • Shaun Moss, Oceanic Institute’s Hilo Feed Mill
  • Fabio Soller, Oceanic Institute’s Aquatic Feeds and Nutrition Department
  • Jenna King, Pacific Biodiesel
  • Joe Boivin, Hawai’i Gas
  • Will Kusch, Terviva
  • Dave Robichaux, North Shore Consultants

2:30pm – Q&A

2:55pm – Closing Remarks

  • Carl Campagna and Senator Lorraine Inouye

3:00pm – Pau

March 28 – Energy Storage

Agenda: Storing for Hawaiʻi’s Future: The Status and Future of Energy Storage, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 9:00am – 10:30am, State Capitol Auditorium, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

9:00am – Welcome

9:05am – Opening Comments

Why Storage? Hawaiʻi’s Needs and Challenges and the Technologies for Review, Frederick Redell, Maui County Energy Commissioner Watch on YouTube

9:15am – Panel Presentation

Storing for the Future: The Technologies, Status of Development, Cost and Benefits, and Value to Hawaiʻi:

  1. Li-Ion Batteries  – Phil Reeves, AES Distributed Energy  Watch on YouTube
  2. Distributed Energy Storage  – Michael Reiley, HNU Energy  Watch on YouTube
  3. Flywheel Technologies  – Elizabeth Dunne, Amber Kinetics Watch on YouTube
  4. Ice Storage, residential/commercial systems  – Greg Miller, Ice Energy Watch on YouTube
  5. Ice Storage, commercial/industrial systems – Terry Andrews, CALMAC Watch on YouTube
  6. Pumped Hydro – Jose Dizon, Paniolo Power Watch on YouTube

10:15am – Discussion, Q&A with the Speakers Watch on YouTube

10:25am – Closing Remarks, Senator Lorraine Inouye Watch on YouTube

10:30am – Pau

January – Finding Continuity: Whatever Happened To….?

Agenda: Finding Continuity: Whatever Happened To….? , January 12, 1:30pm-4:00pm, State Capitol Auditorium, Honololu, Hawaiʻi

1:30pm – Opening

  1. Call to Order
    Jay Fidell (Convener & Moderator), ThinkTech Hawaiʻi (TTH) · Watch on YouTube
  2. Welcome from the Hawaiʻi Energy Policy Forum (HEPF)
    Sharon Moriwaki, HEPF · Watch on YouTube
  3. Report from the Legislature
    Chris Lee, House Committee on Energy and Energy Protection · Watch on YouTube
  4. Clean Energy Performance Report; and HEPF Initiatives on Electrical Sector Leadership
    & Roles and Transportation Targets

    Carl Freedman, Haiku Design and Analysis · Watch on YouTube
  5. Report from the Public Utilities Commission
    Tom Gorak, Public Utilities Commission · Watch on YouTube

2:15pm – Keynote Presentation

What’s Happening on the National Scene & What Does It Mean for Hawaiʻi?

2:35pm – Panel Presentation

Finding Continuity: Whatever Happened To…? and What’s Next For…? · Watch on YouTube

  • Moderator – Mike Hamnett, Hawaiʻi Energy Policy Forum


  1. Community-based Renewable Energy Program
    Jeff Mikulina, Blue Planet Foundation · Watch on YouTube
  2. On-Bill Financing
    Jay Griffin, Hawaiʻi Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) · Watch on YouTube
  3. Interisland Electric Transmission Cable
    Jay Griffin, HNEI · Watch on YouTube
  4. Hydrogen Economy Plan
    Stan Osserman, Hawaiʻi Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies/DBEDT · Watch on YouTube
  5. Bioenergy Master Plan
    Scott Turn, Hawaiʻi Natural Energy Institute · Watch on YouTube
  6. Green Energy Market Securitization (GEMS)
    Jeff Mikulina, Hawaiʻi Green Infrastructure Authority & Blue Planet Foundation · Watch on YouTube
  7. Discussion and Q&A

3:45pm – Closing Presentation
Beyond the Sound Bite: Legislation that Matters · Watch on YouTube

  • Colin Moore, UH Social Science Public Policy Center

3:55pm – Final Words

Jay Fidell, TTH · Watch on YouTube

4:00pm – Pau













Hawaii Clean Energy Day

Furthering the Forum’s mission of enlightening decision-makers and the public on ways to achieve the preferred energy vision of our Ten-Point Plan, the Forum sought to bring policymakers, energy stakeholders, and the public together to address issues of significance in advancing clean energy. Begun in 2009, it continues to address issues, challenges and opportunities in clean energy development. The event highlights include an annual update on what’s happening in clean energy development; issues and controversies that require our attention; exhibits showcasing their products and services; and opportunities for networking.


To extend its outreach to the broader public, the Hawaii Energy Forum sought and created its first documentary video, ”Hawaii’s Climate Crisis,” broadcast on KHON in 2008. The video aimed to raise public awareness of the climate and energy crisis, and to inform on clean energy initiatives – what’s being done and how they can take action to be part of the solution. Its success led to the decision to update the public on issues, challenges and developments in clean energy through television and radio broadcasts.

Beginning in 2011, partnering with Hawaii News Now, the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum produced and broadcast “Hawaii: The State of Clean Energy” television series (two seasons, ten shows) to inform and engage the public on energy issues, challenges, and actions to advance Hawaii’s clean energy future.

Watch here on YouTube

Energy Briefings

The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum has conducted briefings to 1) inform and enlighten decision-makers and the public on ways to achieve the vision and goals of the Ten-Point Plan; and 2) encourage and engage the community to act on policies and programs to advance clean energy. Since 2005, the Forum has been involved in a wide range of energy policy and planning activities such as facilitating dialogues to develop policy recommendations; partnering with other organizations to inform and educate on critical energy issues and developments; and sharing and disseminating results of research and other reports of importance to advancing clean energy. The following are archives of briefing agendas, notes, presentations, and other media if available. 

March 20, 2011

Topic(s): Clean Energy Efforts in the Department of Defense

March 30, 2011

Topic(s): Assessing the Potential of Geothermal and Biofuels in Meeting our Renewable Energy Goals (RPS Standards)

January 14, 2011

Topic(s): Big Wind and Distributed Generation PV

Presentation: Interisland Wind – Robbie Alm, Executive Vice President, Hawaiian Electric Company

January 13, 2010

Topic(s): Energy Security & Costs (Hawaiian Business Conference & Economic Expo)

December 1, 2009

Topic(s): The Hawaii Bioenergy Master Plan

November 17, 2009

Topic(s): Statewide Renewable Resources & The Interisland Cable System

October 16, 2009

Topic(s): Hawaii Energy Building Codes & Fuel Security and The Biofuels Transition

December 1, 2008

Topic(s): Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative: Answers to Questions from the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum

January 28, 2008

Topic(s): Hawaii’s Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI)

August 20, 2007

Topic(s): Public/Private Strategies to Promote Commercialization of Renewable Energy Technologies

May 22, 2007

Topic(s): Sustainable Energy for an Island State: Hawaii’s Efforts in Meeting the Challenges to Achieve “Smart Energy Solutions to Sustain a Healthy, Prosperous and Secure Hawaii.”

April 9, 2007

Topic(s): Hawaii’s Pathway to Energy Independence: Bioenergy Opportunities from the Federal Perspective – A Briefing with Chairman Collin Peterson, Committee on Agriculture, U. S. House of Representatives.

August 23, 2006

Topic(s): Executive Energy Briefing: Learn How to Lead Your Company in the New Energy Era

Other Activities

The Forum has co-sponsored and participated in other events that support clean energy as opportunities to share in advancing mutual interests.


A Seminar on Hawaii’s Energy Future: Exploring the Natural Gas Option


Hawaii Green Workforce Development Conference & Expo, Town Hall Forum: Sustaining the Green Economy


The Forum, in response to HCR 195 (2006), coordinated and co-sponsored the Hawaii Agriculture Bioenergy Workshop to explore the potential for a domestic bioenergy and biofuels future. Co-sponsors were: DBEDT/U.S. Department of Energy, Hawaiian Electric Company, Hawai‘i Agricultural Leadership Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, UH College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources and Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute. The goals of this workshop were to inform stakeholders about recent legislation, publicize federal and state incentives and funding opportunities, increase collaboration and develop action steps to encourage bioenergy crop production. Participants include farmers, landowners, the business community, renewable energy advocates and others who seek to stimulate expansion of Hawaii’s bioenergy industry.


Energy Policy Summit

The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum convened an Energy Policy Summit on December 2-3, 2003 to obtain input from the broader community of energy stakeholders to develop a feasible implementation plan to achieve the energy vision. Presented at the Summit were energy studies commissioned by the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum during the past year.Attendees heard and discussed the study results and developed recommendations which are provided recommendations. Three cross-cutting themes emerged:1) Use win-win and consensus-inclusive approaches, 2) Rediscover Hawaiian values especially “pono”, and 3) Don’t lock community into large-capital commitments that limit our future options.

Summit work-group reports: