Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Update

This week, US Department of Energy reported the following funding announcements:

Funding Opportunity Award (FOA) 

Advancing Equity Through Workforce Partnerships 

Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) FY22 Funding Announcement 

40101D Formula Grants to States & Indian Tribes    

I2X launch (Interconnection and Innovation Exchange)  

Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second – Life Applications Program   

Photovoltaics Research and Development 

Community Geothermal Energy 

Solar Manufacturing Incubator 

American Made Solar Prize Round Six 

Energyshed:  Exploring Place – Based Generation 

Hydrogen Shot Incubator Prize 

Economic Recovery Corps and Equity Impact Investments Programs 

AMO’s Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization FOA 

Requests for Information (RFI) 

Hydroelectric Efficiency Improvement Incentives Program  

Clean Energy Demonstration Program on Current and Former Mine Land  

Challenges and Opportunities for Vehicle Photovoltaics  

Notices of Intent (NOI) 

Building Codes Implementation for Efficiency and Resilience  

Carbon Capture Demonstrations Program  

Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs  

Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs  

Battery Material Processing Grants  

Battery Manufacturing and Recycling Grants    

Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second-Life Applications   

Program Upgrading our Electric Grid and Ensuring Reliability and Resiliency  

Innovative Methane Measurement, Monitoring, and Mitigation Technologies (iM4 Technologies) 

Clean Energy Manufacturing Institute, With Focus on Electrification