Policy Briefs

HEPC- Analyzing BOE Policies RE School Empowerment Jim Shon Dec, 2014
Legal Obligations to serve English Language Learners (ELL) Jim Shon & Shannon Hillman Nov 2013
21st Century Schools Policy Framework, (10 pp, 1.2MB, PDF) Jim Shon May 2013
Updated Summary of President Obama’s Pre-K Early Education Plan; and A Summary of Governor Abercrombie’s Proposal, (9 pp, 401KB, PDF) Jim Shon Apr 2013
The Creation of a New Doctorate in Professional Education Practice, (1 p, 94KB, PDF) Jim Shon Jan 2013
Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Compliance for Hawaii Charter Schools, (3 pp, 131K, PDF) Jim Shon Jan 2013
Defining S.T.E.M. A Summary of Selected Definitions, (3 pp, 131KB, PDF) Jim Shon Jan 2013
Middle Level Grade Configuration: Impact on Hawai‘i’s Schools Executive Summary, (6 pp, 61 KB, PDF) [POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Valere McFarland Nov 2007
Junior Kindergarten Pilot Program Evaluation 2005-2006, (9 pp, 157 KB, PDF) [POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Donna Grace and Barbara D. DeBaryshe Dec 2006
Longitudinal Student Assessment A Growth Model for Hawai‘i’s K-12 Students, (4 pp, 30K, PDF) Ronald H. Heck Oct 2006
Are Younger Children Less Capable? Age and Third Grade Achievement in Hawai‘i , (9 pp, 790K, PDF) M.E. Brandt Mar 2006
The University of Hawaii and Distance Education: The Critical Role of Faculty,(10 pp, 200 KB, PDF) [POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Linda K. Johnsrud, Violet H. Harada, Lynn N. Tabata Dec 2005
Implementing the Reinventing Education Act of 2004, (2pp, 71KB, PDF) Sep 2004
Charter Challenges: Policy Issues Facing Charter Schools in Hawai`i, (10pp, 121KB, PDF) Aug 2004
The Impact of Collective Bargaining Legislation on Charter Schools in Hawaii: One State’s Story, (2pp, 79KB, PDF)[POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Robert Fox and Nina K. Buchanan Jun 2004
Comparing Alternative Views of Accountability and Curriculums, (6pp, 107KB, PDF) 2004
Quality of Faculty Worklife: University of Hawai‘i, (1pp, 60KB, PDF)[POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Linda K. Johnsrud and Jocelyn M. Surla Oct 2002
Satisfaction of Upper-Division Students and Dropouts at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, (1 pp, 40 KB, PDF) [POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Scott L. Thomas Aug 2002
Cost of Teacher Turnover in Hawai‘i, (3 pp, 64 KB, PDF) Randy Hitz Jul 2002
Ready for Success in Kindergarten — A Comparative Analysis of Community Beliefs: Preschool and Kindergarten Parents, Teachers, and Administrators, (14 pp, 191K, PDF)[POLICY REPORT ALSO AVAILABLE] Stephanie Feeney, Donna Grace, and Mary E. Brandt Dec 2001
Performance-Based Assessments: Examining the Issues and the Progress, (7pp, 68 KB, PDF) Ronald Heck Sep 2000


Perspectives on Act 51 by Ruth Tschumy

  1. NCLB, and Options for Restructuring, (2 pp, 85K, PDF), Mar 2005
  2. Achieving 80% and 90% Expenditure by Principals, (3 pp, 87K, PDF), Mar 2005
  3. Weighted Student Formula (WSF) and Restructuring Schools, (5 pp, 89K, PDF), Apr 2005
  4. School Community Councils, (2 pp, 89K, PDF), May 2005
  5. An Update on the Weighted Student Formula, (4 pp, 90K, PDF), Jul 2005
  6. Act 51 Myths, (3 pp, 88K, PDF), July 2005
  7. Changing the Way Hawaii’s Principals Do Business, (3 pp, 96K, PDF), Aug 2005
  8. Act 51 and No Child Left Behind, (2 pp, 78K, PDF), Aug 2005
  9. Saving Money by Better Monitoring: Results of an Audit of DOE Programs by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, (2 pp, 81K, PDF), Sep 2005
  10. Revisiting the ABC’s of WSF, (3 pp, 89K, PDF), Oct 2005
  11. Hawaii Business Roundtable Promotes School Reform, (3 pp, 81K, PDF), Nov 2005
  12. School Community Councils, (2 pp, 83K, PDF), Feb 2006
  13. Update on Act 51 Implementations, (4 pp, 108K, PDF), Mar 2006
  14. Board of Education Focuses on Seven Priorities, (2 pp, 95K, PDF), Mar 2006
  15. Small is Beautiful, Except in Schools, (4 pp, 114K, PDF), May 2006
  16. Change Leadership Group: Reinventing South Kona Schools , (2 pp, 89K, PDF), July 2006

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