Article; Too much testing in schools.  (Source; The Atlantic, October 2015)

The White House’s recent acknowledgement of too much testing in schools. Read the Atlantic’s latest expose on the issue. Find it here and the corresponding study on testing in our schools.


Teacher Shortages Persist in the U.S. (Source; The Atlantic and OPE, Sept 2015)

Teacher Shortages – A closer look at the numbers
While the country’s teaching force is certainly dealing with a staffing problem, a closer look at the numbers shows that shortages are centered in particular subject areas and geographic areas. In fact, there may be too many certified teachers in some fields, such as early-childhood education.  See the whole article at The Atlantic.

Then look over to the U.S. Dep of Education and Post Secondary Office for data on the subject.



Article:July 2015

Should ELLs be considered in ESEA waivers? (Source: Education Week, July 2015)

Congress looks to currently be considering whether states should be able to exclude ELL scores in testing accountability when it comes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as Florida did last year. Check out the short article from Education Week here.


Article: May,2015

Assessing the high school dropout issue (Source: The Atlantic and Grad Nation, May 2015

Using data from Grad nation, which gives the latest figures on states’ demographics on high school dropouts, the Atlantic report investigates how race and disadvantaged population issues contribute to the rates. Find the Atlantic report here, and the original data from Grad Nation here


Article: April 2015

Exploration of the digital age in Schooling (Source: The Atlantic, April, 2015)

From The Atlantic comes a new exploration of classroom use of technology and what it means for student’s future careers and personal lives. Find the full article, written by Alia Wong, here.


Article: Spring 2015

Learning Time in America (Source; ECS, Spring, 2015)

From the Education Commission of the States comes a comprehensive report that assesses current trends trying to reform the School Year, exploring the dynmaics of student learning times and pubic policies of the states. Find the full report here. 

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