Other Research

Report; April, 2015.

New NAEP study shows less than 30% of students proficient in Social Studies (Source; NAEP, April, 2015)

The national study of 8th graders through the NAEP reports that only 23% are proficient in civics, with other Social Studies disciplines discussed. Explore the interactive report here.


Article; March, 2014

Cost and Finanicial Aid Increasingly Influencing Student’s Choice of College

From a UCLA annual freshman survey, the Higher Education Research Institute has found that the cost of tuition and financial aid is no longer affecting students after college, rather affecting choices of where to go and what to be. Find the study on The Chronicle.


Research: October, 2013

Degrees of Debt: Student Loan Repayment of Bachelor’s Degree Recipients 1 Year After Graduating: 1994, 2001, and 2009 by Jennie J. Woo, RTI International. From the National Center on Educational Statistics, October 2013.


Research: March, 2013

Number of Instructional Days/Hours in the School Year, Marga Mikulecky, Education Commission of the States, March 2013.


Research: April, 2012

The Case for Improving and Expanding Time in School: A Review of Key Research and Practice, by David Farbman, PhD, April 2012. Accessed from the National Center on Time & Learning.


Early Education

Report: May, 2013

An Ocean of Unknowns: Risks and Opportunities in Using Student Achievement Data to Evaluate PreK-3rd Grade Teachers, by Laura A. Bornfreund, Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation, May 2013.

Report: 2013

State Pre-K Funding: 2012-13 School Year, by Michael Griffith, Education Commission of the States, April 2013.

Analysis: 2013

Kindergarten Policy Characteristics, by Emily Workman, Education Commission of the States, March 2013.

Research: 2013

Abbott Preschool Program Longitudinal Effects Study: Fifth Grade Follow-Up, by W. Steven Barnett, Kwanghee Jung, Min-Jong Youn, National Institute for Early Education Research; Ellen C. Frede, Acelero, Inc., March 2013.

Research: 2013

Vocabulary Instruction in Commonly Used Kindergarten Core Reading Curricula, by Tanya S. Wright and Susan B. Neuman, March 2013.

Report; 2008

Preschool Education and Its Lasting Effects: Research and Policy Implications, by W. Steven Barnett, Education and the Public Interest Center & Education Policy Research Unit, September 2008.

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