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Interview with Richard Port; Perspectives of a Lifelong Educator. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, Dec 2015)

Perspectives of a lifelong educator and researcher. From Peace Corps in Africa, to teacher, to researcher, Richard Port has been witness to many educational trends and changes. Find out his take on the current status and direction of public education. Find the full interview here.


Interview with Ann Botticelli: Media, Communications and Education. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, Dec, 2015).

From the education board room to the corporate board room: how these are similar and different. Ann shares her experience as a reporter, a member of Kamehameha Schools, and an employee of Hawaiian Air to provide insights into organizational cultures, styles, and governance. Find the full video here.


Interview with Catherine Caine. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, Nov 2015).

Waikiki Elementary teacher Catherine Caine is a national board certified educator who challenges students to address real-life issues through hands-on lessons. Catherine will share how she brings out the best in her students, integrating technology to excite them and tackling relevant issues to engage them. Find the full interview with Movers and Shakers here.


Interview with Alan Ing: Music Education in Hawaii. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, Nov 2015)

Join Movers and Shakers this week as they interview Alan Ing, Teacher, Conductor, and Tuba Player. We’ll hear about the state of music education and performance in Hawaii’s schools as well as its importance in terms of brain development. Find the full video here.


Interview with Liam Skilling; Civic Education and Community Engagement. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, Nov 2015)

Interview with Liam Skilling, Director of the Evening Part Time Program & Academic Success at the William S. Richardson School of Law.  Topics of discussion will be: civic education, community engagement, and the mission of the William S. Richardson School of Law. Find the full interview here.


Interview with Megan McCorriston; Conversion Charter Schools. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, Nov 2015)

Join us with Megan McCorriston , the Executive Director of the Ho’okako’o Corporation, a private, non-profit organization established in 2002. Ho‛okāko‛o is a community of three public conversion charter schools, and all are governed by a volunteer board representing all aspects of the greater Hawaiian community. Megan and Jim discuss the development of these conversion charter schools and the support systems that encourage growth. Watch the full video here. 


Interview with Vanessa Ott; One Citizen’s effort to film every BOE meeting. (Source;  Think Tech Hawaii, Oct 2015).

The Board of Education in Hawaii is unique compared to others across the nation. As its decisions affect every public school across the State, it’s imperative that the public is aware of developments. Join Vanessa Ott, a community education activist, as she shares her effort to film every Board of Education across the State. Watch the YouTube interview here.


Interview with Darrel Galera;  School empowerment, leadership and student centered innovations.  (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, Oct 2015)

As an Executive Director of Education Institute of Hawaii and former principal, Darrel Galera joined Jim Shon in a conversation about developing a school system to nurture school leadership and empowerment.

Find the full video on Youtube.


Interview with Paul Turnbull; Innovative Approaches to College Prep.  (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, September 2015)

Join us for an interview with Paul Turnbull (President, Mid Pacific Institute) about a forward-thinking, innovative approach to college preparatory education in Hawai’i. Find the full Youtube interview here.


Interview with Patricia Halagao; Equity, Social Justice, & Multicultural Studies. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, September 2015)

Think Tech Hawaii speaks with Dr. Patricia Halagao (Hawaii State Board of Education) about incorporating equity, social justice and multicultural studies into public education in Hawaii. Find the whole YouTube Interview here.


Interview with Ku Kahakalau: Hawaiian Education Movement. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, September 2015)

In this week’s Education Movers and Shakers, Ku Kahakalau speaks about the Hawaiian education movement. Find the full YouTube interview here.


Interview with Katherine Tibbetts; Research on Native Hawaiian students. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, Sept 2015)

ThinkTech Hawaii Interview with researcher Katherine Tibbetts about the latest research on native Hawaiian students. Find the YouTube video here.


Interview with Alan Oshima: A business perspective on public education. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, September 2015)

Join us for an interview with Alan Oshima, President and CEO Hawaiian Electric. Jim will ask Alan to draw from his personal experience with public education and reflect on his business career. Tune in as we explore public education options to better prepare the youth of Hawaii as they become leaders of the business world. Find the Youtube video here.


Interview with Deborah Zysman: Early Education. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, August 2015)

On this week’s Education Movers and Shakers, join us with Deborah Zysman (Good Beginnings Alliance) about the continued efforts to make early education programs more readily available for all Hawaiian children. Find the Youtube interview here.


Interview with Kanoe Ahuna: Starting a new school? (Source; Thinktech Hawaii, August 2015)

On Movers and Shakers this week, we interviews Kanoe Ahuna, and discusses what it takes to start a new school. Find the Youtube interview here. 


Interview with Shannon Hillman: Does Teaching ESL equal higher incomes? (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, August 2015)

Join Education Movers and Shakers, and Educational Researcher Shannon Hillman as they discuss her research into English Education and national economies in Asia. Find the Youtube Video here.


Interview with Lyla Berg on the Democratic Mission of Schools (Source: Think Tech Hawaii; July 2015)

On this week’s Education Movers and Shakers, we interview former teacher, principal, legislator and founder of ‘Kids Voting’ (and all round interesting person) Lyla Berg on the importance of Civic Education in schools and how it pertains to society.

See the YouTube Interview here.


Interview with HSTA President Corey Rosenlee (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, July 2015)

On this week’s Education Movers and Shakers, we speak with Corey Rosenlee (President, Hawaii State Teacher’s Association) about the many opportunities and challenges facing the public schools in Hawaii.

Find the Youtube interview here.


Interview with John Corey: STEM for Underserved Pacific Island Youth. (Source; Think Tech Hawaii, July 2015)

On this week’s Education Movers and Shakers, we speak with John Corey (Northern Pacific for High Tech Youth Network) about empowering underserved youth through learning and development. Find the full interview on their YouTube channel.


Interview with Cheri Nakamura: Mobilizing the Community for Education Reform. (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, July 2015)

In this week’s Think Tech Hawaii interview, Host Jim Shon speaks with Cheri Nakamura (He’e Coalition) about working to improve public education in Hawaii. Find the full interview at the Think Tech Hawaii Youtube page.

Interview with Joan Husted: The role of unions in public education. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, July 2015)

In the latest from Think Tech Hawaii, host Jim Shon interviews Joan Husted to discuss how unions are involved in public education and the situation in Hawaii. Find the interview here.

Interview with Alvin Nagasako: Designing a school with a community. ( Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, June 2015)

This week, Jim Shon interviews former principle of Kapolei High School, Alvin Nagasako, exploring how to create a community within schools. Find the interview here .

Interview with Catherine Payne: A Tale of Two Systems. (Source: Think Tech Hawaii, June 2015) 
A Tale of Two Systems:  From DOE Principal to Chair of the Charter Commission. An Interview with Catherine Payne and her insights into how Hawaii’s charter schools are similar and different from traditional public DOE school. Find it on YouTube here.
Interview with Dr. Frank Pottenger: Designing Curriculum, The Way Students and Teachers Think (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, June 2015)

Host Jim Shon speaks with Dr. Frank Pottenger (Curriculum Research & Development Group, University of Hawaii at Manoa) about designing course curriculum based on the way that students and teachers think. Find the video here.

Interview with Mike Meyer: Transforming a Community College. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, June 2015)

IT for Government:  Transforming a Community College:  Interview with Mike Meyer,  Chief Information Officer for Honolulu Community College – on the challenges and opportunities of moving higher education stakeholders into a more tech savvy world. Find the Youtube video here.

Interview with Bruce Barnes: UH Ombudsman needed? (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, May 2015)

Watch the latest interview from Think Tech with host Jim Shon interviewing Bruce  Barnes on the issue of mediation versus confrontation at the university, and the need for an Ombudsman. Check out the full interview on Youtube.

Interview with Woodie Milks: Students and IPads. (Source; ThinkTech Hawaii, May 2015)

From Think Tech Hawaii comes an interview from host Jim Shon, exploring new tech in our schools with Woodie Milks. Find the Youtube channel here.

Interview with Deborah Crown: Project Based Learning (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, April 2015

Guest Host Dr. Deborah Crown speaks with Dr. Thomas Kohler (Assistant Professor of Marketing, Hawaii Pacific University) and students Ken Rossi and Adria Bomas about the benefits of project based learning. Find the Youtube interview here.

Interview with Boyce Brown: Education in America (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, March, 2015)

Meet Local boy, world traveler ,author, activist and educator Boyce Brown. Currently involved as a aid in the Hawaii Legislature, Mr. Brown joins us to discuss his newest book, “A Policy History of Standards-Based Education in America”/ Peter Lang Publishers. Find the Youtube interview here.

Interview With Carl Ackerman: Student Centered Partnerships (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, March 2015

On today’s Think Tech education program, live streaming from noon, host Jim Shon speaks our guest will be Dr. Carl Ackerman, who directs Punahou’s summer program: PUEO (Partnerships in Unlimited Education Opportunities) for disadvantaged public school students.  Carl has taught history for over 30 years in Hawaii, started a nonprofit for service learning, and now directs the PUEO program.  All three are very student centered programs – a fitting start to our education series. Find the Youtube interview here.

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