Successor to No Child Left Behind, Every Child Succeeds Act, Released. (Source; EdWorkforce, Dec 15)

The White House has released its follow up to No Child Left Behind, the Every Child Succeeds Act. The 1000 page Act can be found online here.



Article; Too much testing in schools.  (Source; The Atlantic, October 2015)

The White House’s recent acknowledgement of too much testing in schools. Read the Atlantic’s latest expose on the issue. Find it here and the corresponding study on testing in our schools.


Teacher Shortages Persist in the U.S. (Source; The Atlantic and OPE, Sept 2015)

Teacher Shortages – A closer look at the numbers
While the country’s teaching force is certainly dealing with a staffing problem, a closer look at the numbers shows that shortages are centered in particular subject areas and geographic areas. In fact, there may be too many certified teachers in some fields, such as early-childhood education.  See the whole article at The Atlantic.

Then look over to the U.S. Dep of Education and Post Secondary Office for data on the subject.



School Rankings and Estimates for States (Source; NEA, August 2015)

“The data presented in this combined report―Rankings & Estimates―provide facts about the extent to which local, state, and national governments commit resources to public education. As one might expect in a nation as diverse as the United States—with respect to economics, geography, and politics—the level of commitment to education varies on a state-by-state basis. Regardless of these variations, improvements in public education can be measured by summary statistics. Thus, NEA Research offers this report to its state and local affiliates as well as to researchers, policymakers, and the public as a tool to examine public education programs and services.” –

Find the NEA Report here.


Interview with HSTA President Corey Rosenlee (Source: ThinkTech Hawaii, July 2015)

Host Jim Shon speaks with Corey Rosenlee (President, Hawaii State Teacher’s Association) about the many opportunities and challenges facing the public schools in Hawaii.

Find the Youtube interview here.


Data: July 2015

Hawai’i DOE releases its annual budget and expenditures (Source: DOE, July, 2015)

Hawai’i’s Department of Education has released its annual budget, with a long list of explanations and supporting documents. Find it all on their web page.


Report and Data: May, 2015

Assessing the high school dropout issue (Source: The Atlantic and Grad Nation, May 2015

Using data from Grad nation, which gives the latest figures on states’ demographics on high school dropouts, the Atlantic report investigates how race and disadvantaged population issues contribute to the rates. Find the Atlantic report here, and the original data from Grad Nation here.


Original HEPC Report; May, 2015

New HEPC Policy Brief explores the Civic Education landscape in Hawaii and nationally.

As HEPC’s latest study, the landscape of civic education is explored in both national and local context. Looking to how it is defined, what is should aim for, and the efforts of the HI DOE in comparison with other states.

Find our full report; The Good Citizen, HEPC May 2015


Report; April, 2015

School and Staffing Survey Results Released (Source: IES, April, 2015)

From IES come results of their longitudinal study which examined how different life events impacted elementary and secondary teachers careers and how school policy dealt with such events. The study intends to help policy and decision makers better their understanding of why teachers leave the field and how to incentivise them for staying.

Find the full report here.

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