Civic and Citizenship Education

HEPC is currently exploring the issue of Civic Education, with future plans to discover how to better young people’s engagement with democracy. Below is a running list of original policy briefs and research and outside sources. Stay tuned for news of our upcoming forum.


Article:The Citizen Preschooler (Source: The Atlantic, August 2015)

From the Atlantic comes a look at Harvard’s Project Zero, which aims to instill democratic values in children as young as Preschool.

Find the article on the Atlantic’s website.


Every Student a Citizen (Source: NCLCE, July 2015)

Read the latest blog entry by former legislators Lyla Berg and Jim Shon, as they further explore the shortfalls of current civic education and look as to what can be done to improve the situation.

Find it on the NCLCE website here.


Interview with Lyla Berg on the Democratic Mission of Schools (Source: Think Tech Hawaii; July 2015)

Host Jim Shon interviews former teacher, principal, legislator and founder of ‘Kids Voting’ (and all round interesting person) Lyla Berg on the importance of Civic Education in schools and how it pertains to society.

See the YouTube Interview here.


Summary of ECS 2015 Denver Conference

Earlier this month, HEPC Director, Jim Shon, attended the annual Education Commission of the States Conference held in Denver. Read his summary and analysis of the conference.

Report on ECS Denver 2015 Conference


Policy Brief: June, 2015

The Civics Education Initiative of 2015
Ensuring all students are taught basic civics and learn to be ready for active, engaged citizenship is a goal that both sides of the aisle can agree upon. The means to that goal is hotly debated. A new report from Education Commission of the States takes a look at what is happening in the states.


Original HEPC Report; May, 2015

New HEPC Policy Brief explores the Civic Education landscape in Hawaii and nationally.

As HEPC’s latest study, the landscape of civic education is explored in both national and local context. Looking to how it is defined, what is should aim for, and the efforts of the HI DOE in comparison with other states.

Find our full report; The Good Citizen, HEPC May 2015


Report; April, 2015.

New NAEP study shows less than 30% of students proficient in Social Studies (Source; NAEP, April, 2015)

The national study of 8th graders through the NAEP reports that only 23% are proficient in civics, with other Social Studies disciplines discussed. Explore the interactive report here.



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