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Interview with Kanoe Ahuna: Starting a new school? (Source; Thinktech Hawaii, August 2015)

On Movers and Shakers this week, Host Jim Shon interviews Kanoe Ahuna, and discusses what it takes to start a new school. Find the Youtube interview here. 


Article; November, 2014

University Lab School ranks high among OECD Benchmarking.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has recently released a report that reveals the results of four public charter schools, including University Laboratory School (ULS) that participated in an international exam to measure their academic success against both students in the U.S. and those in developed countries.

The report looks at the performance of students at public charter schools on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Test for Schools. The OECD, which is the administrator the PISA test, assess schools and education systems in a variety of ways with the goals of scoring for how well they prepare students in their contribution to the economy.

See the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools report release here or visit the ULS website.


 Article; October, 2014

NYC small school project shows promising results.

From NPR, a recent project done by MDCR, funded by the Gates Foundation, which enrolls 100 students per grade shows promising results in getting students to enroll in college. Read the full article here.


Article; January, 2014

New Survey of America’s Charter Schools

From the Center for Education Reform comes the Survey Of America’s Charter Schools, 2014. The national survey on charter schools shows the average school receives 36% less funding and no facilities. Find the full report, including data and analysis here.


Report; January, 2014

Hawai’i’s Annual Report on Charter Schools

The State Public Charter School Commission has recently released their annual report on the state of Charter schools and the implementation of new 2012 legislation as well as other current issues. Find the report here.


Report: 2013

The State Public Charter School Commission 2012-13 Annual Report


Report: April, 2013

Public Charter School Success: A Summary of the Current Research on Public Charters’ Effectiveness at Improving Student Achievement by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, April 2013.


Article: 2013

Education’s Fiscal Cliff, Real or Perceived? Public Education Funding During the Economic Downturn and the Impact on Public Charter Schools (DRAFT) by Larry Maloney, Meagan Batdorff, Jay May, and Michelle Terrell, April 2013. Accessed from the Walton Family Foundation website.


Article: 2013

Governance in the charter school sector: Time for a reboot (6 pp, 532 KB, PDF), by Adam Emerson, March 28, 2013. Accessed from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute website.


Research: 2013

Back to School Tallies: Estimated Number of Public Charter Schools & Students, 2012-2013, by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, January 2013.


Research: 2012

Spending by the Major Charter Management Organizations: Comparing Charter School and Local Public District Financial Resources in New York, Ohio, and Texas, by Bruce D. Baker (Rutgers University), Ken Libby and Kathryn Wiley (University of Colorado), May 2012. Accessed from the National Education Policy Center.


Research: 2010

Charter School Funding: Inequity Persists, by Meagan Batdorff, Larry Maloney, Jay May, Daniela Doyle, and Bryan Hassel, May 2010.


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