What did the participants say?


“Keep up the excellent work! The venue, attendee size, and quality of papers is very good.”

“Really excellent job – I was very happy with the conference.”

“Overall, it was a great conference! Thank you for organizing!”

“I look forward to next year!”

“Would love to have more casual networking opportunities during the breaks and receptions. The hotel was wonderful, and it would be amazing if it were at a beach! ”

“Thank you so much for organizing a great welcoming conference!”

“Your enormous capacity for hospitality and goodwill is so impressive.”

“You really did a great job during the last couple of years!”

“A high-quality, engaging, and memorable conference with a strong reputation. I look forward to participating in the future.”

“I truly like the conference! It was a great opportunity for networking and the presented papers were very interesting. I hope I can come back next year. Thanks to all of the organizers for their great work!”


“My discussant was very constructive and thorough, and the overall quality and caliber of the participants was outstanding. It makes it an amazing conference when you can attract such amazing people.”


“Thank you for all your hard work in planning this conference. I hope the conference was a success and that it will continue in the future.”

“Excellent conference! Looking forward to future HARC conferences!”


“I liked the session and selection of papers. I also felt the conference provided a great space and environment for networking.”


“I found the quality of papers to be very good and the networking opportunities were also excellent. The local Hawaiian food was also great.”


“One can tell that someone really thought about how to design the conference experience. From excellent comments from reviewers upon submission and review of papers, food vouchers for breakfast and lunch that provided excellent networking with other participants, good keynote speaker, interesting presentations, and good poster presentations. The Polynesian Cultural Center was a great way to provide a good exposure to Hawaii for first time visitors. The first day social provided bountiful food and drink with another great opportunity to network with others.”


“This conference was probably in my top 3 conferences of my 35 year career! Great work!”


“High quality papers presented, paper discussants also exceeded my expectations! The panel discussion on cryptocurrencies was very relevant. I wish that there was more time for that one. Kudos on bringing in Mike McGuire. His talk on accounting disruption was also relevant. Overall, I generated excellent research ideas. Thank you to the faculty and the students that organized and executed this conference and I hope to be able to attend again next year.”


“The quality of papers is good; most of the presentations and discussions in the sessions that I attended were clear, informative, and constructive; the conference was well organized (clear instructions; prompt responses; friendly people at the registration desk); the availability of campus housing along with campus parking permit was a big plus, which made attending the conference affordable; I also like the idea of having tickets for breakfast and lunch.”


“I really like the overall quality of papers, presentations, and discussions. Dave’s opening speech is great. Sudipta’s presentation is great……I think there is lots of potential in this conference to attract researchers to come, which will enhance UH’s reputation and future hiring.”


“Quality of papers, attendees, presentations and discussions. All outstanding. The Wednesday evening reception was very nice. Hosting at UH-Manoa was a great setting, and I liked the food coupons for use at the cafeteria/Starbucks. The shuttle from/to downtown was great to have, and most of the email communication leading up to the conference was really good for helping to be organized and prepared. The student ambassadors helping through the day were all very knowledgeable and professional.”


“I applaud the organizers of the conference for a job well done. I think everything was done well and professionally. Personally, I enjoyed many of the papers, the discussions, and the networking opportunities. The hospitality was Hawaiian!”


“Thank you very much for organizing a terrific conference. I learned a lot and established connections with other scholars in my field.”


“Great job with your inaugural conference! Look forward to attending again in future years.”


“Great conference thanks for putting it together! I would love to help anyway I can in the future. Thanks!!”


“The conference is geographically positioned well to bring in researchers from locations that often do not do mainstream, archival or experimental research. The few sessions I attended with these researchers were very insightful as they brought in very different ideas than the typical archival and experimental researchers bring in.”


“Great conference! I hope to attend again next year!”


“Thank you for putting this conference together. I know it is a lot of work. I see many benefits for UH in terms of getting the attention of other researchers and increasing research productivity and hiring opportunities. Well done!”


“Overall, a great conference. Great location, great papers and great discussants.”


“Great conference! Glad that I could participate.”


“Organization is the foundation for a good conference! All credit to the organizers!”


“I enjoyed the papers and networking. I felt like it was a great group in that regard (i.e., quality papers and quality conversations).”


“The less expensive housing option at Lincoln Hall made it possible for me to attend. The food caterer was incredible. The quality of paper was very good. The location in Oahu was very nice because there is so much for people to do, whether they like nature, culture, food, or tourist sites like museums, monuments, etc…The students working at the conference were very intelligent and helpful. I imagine the experience interacting with professors from around the world was good for them as well.”


“I was amazed by the diversity of accounting subjects.”


“The conference had many interesting papers. It also provides a good networking opportunity for scholars and PhD students.”


“Papers had great quality, the group of people at the conference had the perfect size for socializing, food was very good.”


“Good selection of papers, well organized sessions, good housing options — I was pretty much happy with the whole thing”


“Good/interesting mix of papers; very responsive to dietary restrictions (gluten free, and thank you for having lots of fruit available for snacks)”


“Overall the conference was very well organized and brought in a variety of interesting presenters / topics; good reviewer feedback”