Frequently Asked Questions (HARDI 2021)

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What is HARDI?

HARDI stands for Hawaii Accounting Research Doctoral Institute. HARDI is a Ph.D. student consortium that invites outstanding accounting researchers to teach excellent Ph.D. students to research topics relevant to the accounting profession.


What are the subject areas?

Hawai’i Accounting Research Doctoral Institute invites at least four well-known and outstanding researchers from the following areas:

  •  Financial (including international accounting)
  •  Managerial accounting
  •  Auditing
  •  Accounting information system and
  •  Experimental (or analytic) research in accounting

Each year, at least two professors will cover the financial accounting area to meet the high demand. Other areas of research will alternate from one year to another.


Who are the teaching faculty members?

You can find the information here.


What is the HARDI schedule? 

HARDI 2021 Schedule

June 8 to June 12, 2021

June 13 to June 18, 2021

June 19 to June 23, 2021

June 25 to June 29, 2021

  • Subject: Financial
  • Speaker: Dr. Barth from Stanford

*Schedule subject to change


Which year Ph.D. students will benefit most from attending  HARDI?

Our program is designed for second and third-year Ph.D. students, most preferably the third-year student.


Will the University of Hawai’i provide funding for my stay in Hawai’i?

HARDI program is offered tuition-free to invited Ph.D. students. The University of Hawai’i does not provide any other funding to HARDI participants.


Will the University of Hawaii arrange my stay in Hawaii?

We recommend that students stay on campus in Hale Manoa. This dormitory can be reserved after August, and students can make their reservation using the “HARDI calling group.” Additional information will be provided directly to admitted students. The dormitory cost is approximately $35 for single occupancy and $45 for double occupancy per night. HARDI participants can also choose to reserve and stay on campus at Lincoln Hall.


I am an international student. Are there any requirements to attend HARDI?

International students will have to meet Graduate Division English proficiency and other requirements. When necessary, international students can use the HARDI’s acceptance/invitation letter to apply for B-1 visas.