Program requirements and courses should be revisited on a regular basis. In the process of that review, if changes are being proposed, here is the process for review and approval. All programs of study are to be approved by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Excellence after a review by the Graduate Division.

There are two categories of modifications, major and minor. All major modifications require a recommendation for approval by the Graduate Council and Graduate Division. However, minor program modifications, such as changing or substituting a course, will be recommended for approval by the Graduate Division and then routed for approval by the Vice Provost for Academic Excellence.

To request approval for a program modification, please use this memo format and print on letterhead. This memo template is to be used for all modifications. Please allow time for the approval process before changes are to take effect. No changes should take effect prior to receipt of the approved copy. The memo should clearly explain and justify the rationale behind any request to modify a program of study. Include what the current approved program looks like and what the proposed program would look like, if approved.

The following outlines the administrative procedure for major modifications to graduate programs:

  • Modification proposed by graduate program
  • Review and endorsement by department chair
  • Review and endorsement by college dean
  • Review and endorsement by the Graduate Council
  • Review and endorsement by Graduate Dean
  • Review and endorsement by Vice Provost for Academic Excellence, who in turn informs the President and the Board of Regents.
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