Graduate chairs serve as the liaison between the Graduate Division and graduate programs. They are nominated through department/graduate program determined procedures, recommended by their college/school Dean and then appointed by the Graduate Dean.

The department chair submits a memo, via college/school Dean, to the Dean of Graduate Division, along with a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae should be current and clearly reflects how the nominee is meeting all three Graduate Faculty Standards and their involvement in the graduate program.

The memo should include the nomination, a statement of agreement by the graduate faculty, and the length of his/her term. Please request the nominee also sign the nomination memo acknowledging this nomination. It is also a means by which we can recognize their signature on official documents once the appointment is approved. Nominations for a new Graduate chair should be submitted to Graduate Division prior to the end of the previous Graduate chair’s term. Please use the sample memo as the template for all Graduate Chair nominations.

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