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Graduate chairs serve as the liaison between the Graduate Division and graduate programs. They are nominated through department/graduate program determined procedures, approved by their college/school Dean and then appointed by the Graduate Dean.

The duties of the graduate chair include:

  • updating and maintaining list of graduate program graduate faculty,
  • responding to routine requests for program information and applications,
  • maintaining files for each graduate student,
  • scheduling preliminary advising, qualifying examinations (written and oral), and other advising conferences with students,
  • serving as liaison between the department, the Graduate Division, UHM, and any other such agencies with which the graduate program comes in contact,
  • serving on the Graduate Assembly,
  • scheduling and conducting graduate faculty meetings,
  • publicizing the availability of achievement scholarships and nominating students for such awards,
  • administering the admission of applicants to the program,
  • reviewing and signing all official forms and memos required by the Graduate Division, and
  • certifying final degree checks.


Graduate Chair Matters Informational session