Submission & Publication

Theses and dissertations are due at the Office of Graduate Student Services by the deadline indicated in the Calendar. The final manuscript should be submitted in digital format, typically as a PDF document saved on a CD. A printed copy of the title page, abstract, and FORM IV are to be submitted along with the manuscript. In the case where a sound reason renders digital submission unfeasible, an unbound printed copy of the manuscript may be submitted in lieu. Publication is optional for the thesis but required for the dissertation. Students may publish through either ProQuest or an alternative publisher. Students who plan to publish through ProQuest need to submit additional items listed below.

All theses and dissertations will be made available to the public online through ScholarSpace.  ScholarSpace is the institutional repository for the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and is maintained by Hamilton Library.  For any questions or concerns regarding the availability of the thesis and dissertations or regarding ScholarSpace itself, please contact Hamilton Library at

Publication through ProQuest

For a fee, ProQuest will prepare a microfilm of the manuscript and store the microfilm in its film vault. ProQuest will also publish the citation and abstract in the appropriate online and paper sources, such as the ProQuest Digital Dissertations and Theses, and the Masters Abstracts International or Dissertation Abstracts International, all of which are designed to provide maximum exposure for and accessibility to theses and dissertations. To publish through ProQuest, submit the following to the Office of Graduate Student Services:

  1. second copy of the manuscript in digital format (file size limited to 250 MB), in addition to the copy required by the Graduate Division,
  2. an abstract of 150 words for thesis and 350 words for dissertation (A longer abstract may be included in the manuscript.),
  3. a $25 money order or cashier’s check with no expiration date, and
  4. a completed ProQuest publication agreement form (available at the Office of Graduate Student Services).

Publication through Alternative Publisher

To publish a dissertation through an alternative publisher, a student must obtain advance approval from the Graduate Division. Actual publication must occur within one year of graduation. The publication must include the entire content of the dissertation, starting from page 1, and acknowledge that it is a dissertation completed at UHM. Depending on the date of the publication, one of the following procedures will apply:

Published or accepted for publication prior to graduation

Submit to Office of Graduate Student Services a copy of the publication or a letter from the editor indicating the expected date of publication, no later than two weeks prior to graduation. Once verified, the copy of the publication will be returned to the student.

To be published or accepted for publication after graduation

Prior to graduation, deposit with the Office of Graduate Student Services the required items listed above for publication through ProQuest.

  • If Office of Graduate Student Services receives within one year a copy of the publication or a letter from the editor indicating the expected date of publication, the fee payment will be returned to the student and the second copy of the manuscript will be forwarded to the student’s graduate program.
  • If Office of Graduate Student Services does not receive within one year adequate proof of publication, all items deposited with the office will be sent to ProQuest for publishing.

Dissertation Written Under Funded Research

In the case of a dissertation written under funded research, the student is responsible for informing the funding agency that publication of the dissertation is required by the university. The student should ascertain the expectations of the agency with respect to the ownership of materials resulting from the dissertation research. In addition, the student should make timely arrangements with the agency for arriving at a mutual agreement, so as to prevent unnecessary delay in the publication of the manuscript.

Delay of Publication to Prevent Premature Disclosure of Potential Patents

The university accepts the obligation to protect potentially patentable material from premature public disclosure, in order to preserve entitlement to worldwide patent protection while the material is being evaluated for patentability. In order to fulfill its contractual obligations, it is occasionally necessary for the university to delay temporarily the publication of a thesis or dissertation that contains potentially patentable material.  Professional journals/publications may require an embargo on the release of content to the general public until the date of publication.


To delay the publication of a thesis or dissertation, the committee chair should initiate and sign a “Request to Withhold Graduate Thesis/Dissertation from Public Release Form,” which must be endorsed by the graduate chair and submitted to the Office of Graduate Student Services. Delaying the publication of a thesis or dissertation does not prevent a student from receiving his or her degree, provided that all other degree requirements have been fulfilled.

Withholding Period (Embargo)

A delay of publication may be requested for six months, one year or two years. If during the withholding period it is determined that the material is not patentable, the Graduate Division will release the manuscript immediately following such determination. If it is determined that the material is patentable, the Graduate Division will release the manuscript as soon as notice is received that a patent application has been filed.

Avoiding Delay

To avoid delay of publication, the student and the committee chair are encouraged to make timely disclosure of inventions as they occur. The time required to write and edit the manuscript is usually sufficient to permit the evaluation of patentable results. Every reasonable effort must be made to file a patent application as promptly as possible.

Objections to Delay

If for reasons of personal hardship (e.g., impairment of employment opportunities due to the inability to disclose research work to prospective employers), the student objects to delaying the publication of the manuscript, the Graduate Division will honor the request of the student.