Fulbright Annual Competition Calendar


Potential applicants should meet with their faculty advisers to discuss the grant and determine who might write letters of recommendation. For most countries, a letter of affiliation is also required from an institution within that country which is willing to host the student. Students should begin to contact likely institutions to secure such a letter.


Fulbright competition for the academic year opens.

Early Summer

Read and consult the brochure or website; the answers to almost all questions can be found there.  You need to be clear about your host country and what you plan to do there.  Important:  You should  meet with the Fulbright Program Advisor well in advance of the fall semester.

If you have not done so already, set up your institutional and/or research affiliations in your host country.  Secure invitations and research permits early.

Ensure that you have sufficiently learned required language(s) of your host country, if necessary.

Make initial drafts of the following vital parts of the application:

  1. Statement of Grant Purpose - Describe your study or research plans and make a compelling argument as to why you need to conduct your study or research overseas.  Develop a plan that can realistically be completed in one academic year abroad.  The National Screening Committee considers feasibility to be one of the most important considerations.

  2. Personal Statement – The Personal Statement should be a personal essay in narrative form giving a good picture of yourself and your intellectual development.  See “Personal Statement” on  this site for “Fulbright Graduate Study & Research Abroad Handy Reference for Applicants.”

Late Summer

Contact faculty/committee members about submitting online recommendation letters.  

Prepare the final draft of your Statement of Proposed Study or Research and your Personal Statement.


Fall semester begins at UHM.


UHM campus application deadline.  This is a firm deadline as we begin organizing the Interview Committee. Your application must be complete (all required elements) and submitted to the Fulbright Embark system.

UHM Fulbright Campus Committee interviews by appointment.  Following the interview, your application will be unsubmitted and applicants may make revisions based on the committee’s recommendations. It will be your responsibility to then officially submit your application in Embark before the national deadline.


Final on-line application deadline.  Submission of the electronic application is 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time.  After 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time, applicants will no longer have access to the on-line application.

Early February

The Director of U.S. Student Programs, IIE, notifies applicants by mail of the outcome of the first stage of the selection process.  “Recommended” applications are transmitted to the supervising agencies abroad, where they are reviewed again.  The final selection is made by the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board.


The Director of U.S. Student Programs, IIE, notifies the “recommended” applicants as to whether or not they have been granted a Fulbright award.