Graduate Dean

Krystyna AuneGraduate Dean, Krystyna Aune, is in charge of the overall management of the Graduate Division. She oversees the proposal and implementation of improvements in graduate education, including the development and supervision of graduate programs and courses, the appointment and evaluation of graduate chairs and faculty, as well as the appointment of graduate assistants and the monitoring of graduate fellowships. Dean Aune chairs the Graduate Council and advises the officers of the Graduate Student Organization.

Associate Graduate Dean

Julienne MaedaAssociate Graduate Dean, Julienne Maeda, reviews all proposals for new or revised graduate programs, courses and curricula and consults, advises and assists departments in preparing proposals for programs.  She organizes and/or facilitates annual reviews of graduate faculty and reviews of all graduate programs on cycle.  She advises the officers of the Graduate Student Organization, providing leadership in the area of student support and faculty support as it relates to the effective operations of the Graduate Division in the administration of graduate educational programs. Associate Graduate Dean serves as Vice Chair of the Graduate Council.

Director of Graduate Student Services

Jarren MikiDirector of Graduate Student Services, Jarren Miki, oversees the daily operations of graduate admissions and graduate records. She is responsible for the maintenance of full and accurate graduate student records from admission to graduation, and for the preparation of reports based on the records. She interprets and applies the Graduate Division’s policies and procedures and approves exceptions when necessary. In addition, she oversees the dissemination of admissions-related info to both applicants and graduate programs, via posting to the Graduate Division Web site and printed literature.  The Director counsels graduate students with academic or personnel problems.

Director of Graduate Admissions

Reid TakamatsuDirector of Graduate Admissions, Reid Takamatsu, oversees the receipt and processing of applications for graduate admission. He supervises the evaluation of the applications, the distribution of complete applications to the various graduate programs for further review, and the notification of admissions decisions (based on graduate program recommendations and the Graduate Division approval) to the applicants. In addition, he oversees the dissemination of admissions related info to both applicants and graduate programs, via posting on the Online Application site and printed literature.

Director of Graduate Records

Jason FujiiDirector of Graduate Records, Jason Fujii, monitors the academic progress and performance of graduate students, from initial matriculation to graduation. He supervises the receipt and processing of academic progress forms, petitions for credit/course waiver or transfer, petitions for leave of absence, thesis and dissertation manuscripts, and graduate applications for degree. In the event of a disciplinary action, he oversees the distribution of the probation/dismissal letter to the student and pertinent offices on campus, and ensures proper notation on the student’s transcript.