This is based on a history by Agnes Niyekawa written probably in 1995 or 1996, supplemented with documents from the following years. Corrections and additions are most welcome.

Following up on a suggestion made by Chancellor Dick Kosaki at a reception for retirees in the Spring of 1985, one Wytze Gorter sent out 341 questionnaires to retired faculty on September 16th to gauge their interest in establishing a retiree’s association. All but five of the 201 who responded supported the idea. All but one of them were willing to pay “as much as $5” dues, and 75 volunteered to help organize and/or operate the association.
The first meeting was held 22 January 1986, a party in the Campus Center Ballroom, with Gorter the first president. By that time, the FRA had changed its name to FRAUHM, but it was noted that the “Faculty” at the beginning of the name and the “Manoa” at the end were not meant to exclude retirees from other campuses, or retired staff.
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Officers and Board members, 1993-1994

Elected Officers


Bluebell Standal

1st Vice President:

Jim Koshi

2nd Vice President:

Rohma Bowers


James Burgoyne


Minoru Shinoda

Board Members

(to 1994)

Ann Keppel

Roy McArdle

Anastasia Palafox

Joel Trapido

Joyce Wright

(to 1995)

Don Char

Mary Ellen DesJarlais

Sueko Kimura

Agnes Niyekawa

Toshio Yatsushiro

Consultants (Past Presidents)

Wytze Gorter

Sidney Townsley

Wally Mitchell

Ed Chui


09/23 ?
10/21 Kiersten Johnson, EWC Consultant, and Arthur Getz “Citizens’ voice at the 1992 Summit in Rio de Janeiro”
11/04 “A Conversation with President Kenneth P. Mortimer”
01/20 Dr. Alison Kay, Zoology. “Uniqueness of and danger to the Hawaiian Fauna/Silver Swords and Singing Snails”
02/14 Mr. Jared Jossem, Chairman of the Republican Party and Mr. Dennis O’Connor, Chairman of the Democratic Party “Issues we face in the 1994 elections”
03/30 Tour of Kamehameha School
04/21 Dr. Dolly, Dean of Coll. of Education, on public and private education in Hawaii
05/19 Annual Meeting and election, Treetops Restaurant

Important Board Decisions and Discussions

09/23 Since new officers assume their position on July 1, after the May general membership meeting files need to be turned over from old officers to new officers during the interim. Clarified that dues paid by >new members in May/June would be accounted to the following year’s membership dues.
11/04 W. Gorter confirmed that past Board policy was to permit all retirees from all UH campuses to join FRAUHM. “Manoa” was inserted in the name in case other campuses form retiree groups of their own campus members in the future.
01/20 On the deaths of members Ed Barnet and Don Johnson, $100 each to be contributed to the Edward & Orpah Barnet Fund and the Donald Johnson Fund for scholarship/award at the UH Foundation and condolence letters to be sent to the widows by our President.
04/21 With regard to UH Foundation’s $25 annual service fee, it was pointed out that working through the UH Foundation eliminates the need to register as a non-profit organization and the filing of yearly tax returns.