COVID-19 Class Schedule & Course Information

Updated: December 21, 2021

In 2022, HELP will be offering IN-PERSON courses for students.
Please contact us for online options.

HELP returned to in-person courses in Fall 2020. HELP continues to offer our high-quality, face-to-face Academic English courses with a full-time schedule of 4 classes a day, Monday through Thursday.

Upcoming Term Dates

TermTerm DatesDuration
Summer 1, 2022May 16 – June 24, 20226 weeks
Summer 2, 2022July 5 – July 29, 20224 weeks
Fall 1, 2022August 22 – October 14, 20228 weeks
Fall 2, 2022October 24 – December 16, 20228 weeks

Sample Class Schedule

Time (HST)100-level200-level300-level400-level
8:30-9:35Listening & SpeakingGrammar DevelopmentListening & SpeakingListening & Notetaking
9:45-10:50Grammar DevelopmentWriting DevelopmentWriting ExpansionAcademic Writing
11:00-12:05Writing FoundationsReading ProficiencyReading ConnectionsCultural Issues
12:55-2:00Reading FoundationsListening & SpeakingEnglish Grammar A-ZAcademic Reading

Course Format

HELP will be holding all 2022 courses in-person with social distancing measures in place.  However, in this constantly evolving health crisis, we must also be prepared for any sudden changes which would require courses to move online for students’ health & safety.

Therefore, all HELP courses were re-developed so that they can be seamlessly transitioned into a hybrid or online format if necessary.  The re-developed courses continue to be top-quality Academic English courses and achieve the same objectives as previous HELP courses. Our courses continue to help students develop the skills needed to reach their academic goals.

Flipped Classroom Model

Our courses follow a Flipped Learning Approach to language learning.  Flipped learning has three parts: pre-class work at home, in-class work, and after-class work. Pre-class work before a new topic or textbook unit begins could be a video to watch or a text to read along with questions to answer so students can see how much they have learned. In-class class work consists of discussions, worksheets, projects and other activities to get students talking and using the vocabulary and concepts being taught in the unit. After class work expands on the work done in class, such as additional reading, writing, or small group project work. For more information about Flipped Learning, go to

Online Course Format (Contingency)

If HELP courses need to be transitioned online, HELP will follow the same model used for our Spring 2020 & Summer 2020 online courses.  Courses will be held synchronously using Zoom, and classes will be managed using Google Classroom.  Students should be prepared to use both platforms if necessary.

Student Expectations

HELP courses have always required students to spend time outside of class on homework assignments and projects. Because of the nature of the flipped classroom, students will continue to spend significant time outside of class completing assignments, such as the tasks described above.  The tasks will differ from traditional homework assignments and prepare students for the flipped learning environment.

New students are required to bring a laptop or similar device to access class materials and complete asynchronous assignments such as watching videos or completing online tasks. All classes will be primarily using e-books and other digital material, though printed material may also be used for the in-person class sessions. The student’s device must also have video conferencing capabilities in case the student needs to meet with an instructor virtually.

If students do not have a working device to connect to classes remotely, HELP will provide device rental until the student can obtain necessary technology.

HELP COVID-19 Course Information

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