The Vice Provost for Enrollment Management (VPEM) serves as the chief enrollment management officer of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and under the auspices of the Provost, the VPEM partners with academic deans, chairs, faculty, vice provosts, and other administrative leaders to achieve and maintain the University’s optimal enrollment. Given this focus, the VPEM will lead an integrated and robust enrollment management team that will strategically position UH Mānoa for long-term and sustainable student growth and success.

Nikki Chun portrait

Nikki Chun

Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Administrative Team

Kevin Kaneshiro portrait

Kevin Kaneshiro

Administrative Manager

Jennel Sesoko portrait

Jennel Sesoko

Enrollment Marketing Manager

Roy Suda portrait

Roy Suda

IT Manager

Robynn Yokooji portrait

Robynn Yokooji

Administrative Officer

Office of Admissions

Ryan Yamaguchi portrait

Ryan Yamaguchi

Director of Admissions

Abigail Huliganga Hurgo  portrait

Abigail Huliganga Hurgo

Associate Director

Garett Inoue portrait

Garett Inoue

Senior Assistant Director

Steve Rola portrait

Steve Rola

Assistant Director International

Financial Aid Services

Jodie Kuba portrait

Jodie Kuba


Office of the Registrar

Max portrait

Pheng Xiong (Max)

University Registrar