Required/suggested courses for Japanese Language/Linguistics MA

Core Courses (12 credits)

  • Japanese Linguistics MA students are required to take four introductory-level graduate courses in Japanese linguistics: Japanese phonology/morphology (JPN 601), Japanese syntax/semantics (JPN 602), Japanese language pedagogy (JPN 604) and Japanese sociolinguistics (JPN 606).


Literature Course (3 credits)

  • Japanese Linguistics MA students are also required to take one graduate-level (600-level) Japanese literature course. Please note that at least one graduate-level Japanese literature course is offered every semester, but the course usually alternatives between a modern Japanese literature course and a pre-modern literature course. In order to enroll in pre-modern Japanese literature courses, students need to be familiar with Pre-modern Japanese. If students have no previous exposure to Pre-modern Japanese, and they wish to take a pre-modern Japanese literature course, they are recommended to first take JPN 461 (Introduction to Classical Japanese), which is offered every Fall semester.


Seminar Course (3 credits)

  • The seminar course requirement can be satisfied with any of JPN 650-alpha or 730-alpha courses. With the academic advisor’s approval, students may use non-JPN 600 and 700-level seminar course to satisfy this requirement.

Elective Courses (6 to 12 credits)

  • Students can use any of the 600-level JPN linguistics courses (e.g., JPN 605, 632, 633, 634, 650-alpha, and 730-alpha) as elective courses
  • Any 600/700-level courses that the academic advisor pre-approves of can count as elective courses as well.
  • Only up to 6 credits of elective courses may come from 400-level courses with the academic advisor’s approval. 
  • Only up to 3 credits of JPN 699 can count as elective credits