Program Learning Outcomes for EALL MA Program

Program Learning Outcomes for EALL MA Program

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: 


  1. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of linguistics (syntax, phonology, etc) or literature (modern, pre-modern, etc) in one of the three language concentrations (CJK).
  2. Critically review and synthesize empirical, theoretical, and/or critical inquiry approaches in linguistics or literary/cultural studies.

Inquiry and Applied Skills 

  1. Design and conduct research and/or scholarly inquiry using methodologies specific to linguistics or literary/cultural studies.
  2. Conduct analysis of data or literary texts.

Research Communication Skills 

  1. Present research designs and/or findings orally and in writing 

Professional Skills 

  1. Demonstrate cultural and intercultural competencies and ethical considerations necessary for conducting scholarly inquiry. 

Last Update: May 2017