News and Events Website Submission

To submit news and events for the EALL website, please use the UHM EALL News and Events Website Submission Form

 The google form can only accept submissions using UH usernames. Please allow up to three business to appear on the website. We ask that you please prepare flyer, pictures, and/or videos to include with your posting.

The categories of news and events that can be posted on the website include the following:

  • Latest News
    • Faculty: awards, grants, funding, research activities/updates, presentations, publications, etc
    • Current Graduate Students: awards, fellowships, scholarships, job offers, publications, presentations, etc
    • Alumni News: awards, job offers, grants, funding, etc
  • Upcoming Events (conferences, dissertations/thesis defenses, seminars, etc)
  • EALL Talk
  • Job Announcements

For changes to a posting, please contact