Japanese Poetry Contest 2000



2000 Winners

Out of 118 entries, 19 poems by the following students were awarded prizes:


JPN 100-102 Division:
First Place (free-form) Kristen Teranishi
Second Place Jane Nguyen
Third Place Zensho Heshiki
Honorable Mention Stacy Bahner
Honorable Mention Nga Sze(Alyes) Wong
201-202 Division:
First Place Joan Pan
Second Place Alina Cheng
Third Place Vanessa Napoleon
Honorable Mention Alina Cheng
Honorable Mention Summer Chun
Honorable Mention Joel Flach
Honorable Mention Kristin Nakamura
Honorable Mention Mary Ong
Honorable Mention Vanessa Napoleon
301-402 Division:
First Place Allison Yanagi
Second Place Allan Mamaclay
Third Place Dawn Oshiro
Honorable Mention Grant Oka
Honorable Mention Lisa Okamura


The judges were Gladys Nakahara, Masami Lachmann, Misako Steverson, and Kathy Kitsutani.



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Winning Poems

100 – 102 Division

201 – 202 Division






301 – 402 Division



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