The Japanese Section of EALL consists of specialists in Japanese language, linguistics, and literature.  Our language program, the largest in the nation, serves over 1000 students each semester.  We offer instruction in Japanese from the beginning to the advanced levels, with reading courses in specialized areas.  Our faculty in Japanese linguistics, the most comprehensive in the world, contains scholars of historical linguistics, second language acquisition and pedagogy, sociolinguistics, and syntax and semantics.  The literature faculty researches texts from the 8th-century Man’yōshū to 20th-century fiction, with approaches ranging from literary history to cultural studies.

Undergraduate Program

 Our B.A. program in Japanese, which combines language study with academic work in linguistics and literature, has over 200 majors each year.  For students pursuing other fields, we also offer a minor in Japanese and a certificate in Japanese. For more information, see Undergraduate Japanese Programs.

Graduate Program

EALL has M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Japanese linguistics and in Japanese literature, which allow specialized graduate study of various linguistics subfields, language pedagogy, and fiction, poetry and drama across historical periods.  For more information see Japanese Graduate Programs.

Japanese Extracurricular Events and Organizations

 Our academic programs are supported by a broad range of extracurricular activities, which includes the Japanese Culture Club, the annual Nippon Culture Day, and the Japanese Poetry Contest.  For details, see Japanese Events and Organizations.

Additional cultural activities, resources and exchange opportunities are available through the Center for Japanese Studies.

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