Japanese BA Program SLOs

Japanese BA Program Student Learning Outcomes


Engage in oral communication in Japanese in various social contexts, in linguistically and culturally appropriate ways.


Read and comprehend texts written in Japanese from a variety of genres and contexts (e.g., newspapers, essay collections, novels).


Apply critical thinking and rhetorical skills to produce coherent written works and presentations in both English and Japanese.


Use a variety of Japanese reference works and sources, including dictionaries and encyclopedias both in book form and on the internet.


Conduct independent research on topics in Japanese literature and/or linguistics, and effectively communicate the results.


Demonstrate an understanding of phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics through analysis of words, phrases, and clauses from authentic Japanese samples.


Identify and describe major authors, works, features, forms, and styles of Japanese literature, both premodern and modern.


Analyze and interpret works of Japanese poetry, prose, and drama, read both in translation and in the original Japanese, using terms appropriate to each genre.


Situate and evaluate Japanese literature in its social, historical, intellectual, and religious contexts.

Rev. 11/14/2020