Chinese Faculty

Chinese Section Head

Associate Professor

Lincoln Annex 2, Room 7
Phone: (808) 956-2087
Email: sjiang@hawaii.edu

JIANG, Li ‘Julie’
Associate Professor
Moore Hall 359
Phone:(808) 956-2055
Research Interests: Syntax, Semantics, Syntax-semantics interface, Language universals and variation, Comparative linguistics, Chinese linguistics (Chinese dialects, minority languages, and sign languages), Language acquisition
 JIANG, Song
Associate Professor

Lincoln Annex 2, Room 7
Phone: (808) 956-2087
Email: sjiang@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Chinese Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Cognitive linguistics, Teaching pedagogy, Technology in language teaching and learning
 LIU, Kai

Biomed T111A
Phone:(808) 956-8998
Email: kailiu@hawaii.edu
Lincoln Annex 2, Room 5
Phone: (808) 956-6853
Email: mccraw@hawaii.edu 
Associate Professor
Moore Hall 363
Phone: (808) 956-2058
Email: pengy@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Modern Chinese literature, Chinese film, Literary criticism, Film studies, Gender and sexuality
SPRING, Madeline
Director, Chinese Language Flagship
Associate Director, Chinese Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center
Biomed 111D / Moore 388
Phone: (808) 956-8780
(808) 956-2071
Email: mkspring@hawaii.edu
Research Interests:Pedagogy: Second language acquisition, Chinese for Special Purposes (CSP), Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC), teacher training and mentoring, computer-based instruction, assessment, and online communities. Literature: Six dynasties and Tang fiction, Tang-Song prose and rhetoric.
WANG, Haidan
Associate Professor
Placement Coordinator
Moore Hall 355
Phone: (808) 956-2053
Email: haidan@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: L2 Chinese pedagogy and acquisition, Curriculum design and development, Assessment and evaluation, Chinese for specific and professional purposes, Pragmatics
WU, Jing
Moore Hall 377
Phone: (808) 956-7272
Email: wujing@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Chinese for specific and professional purposes, Assessment and evaluation, Teaching and pedagogical strategies, Intercultural competence
YUE, Mingbao
Associate Professor
Moore Hall 201
Phone: (808) 956-7047
Email: mingbao@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: 20th century Chinese literature, film, and culture, Cultural constructions of “Chineseness, Representations of the Chinese diaspora in film and literature, Asian American literature and film, Literary theory and criticism,Theories of ideology and representation, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Gender Studies and Feminism, Transnational Chinese Popular Culture

Japanese Faculty

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Japanese Section Head

HUEY, Robert
Moore Hall 387
Phone: (808) 956-7283
Email: huey@hawaii.edu
COOK, Haruko
Moore Hall 362
Phone: (808) 956-2057
Email: hkcook@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Language Socialization, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis
CURRY, Stewart
Moore Hall 361
Phone: (808) 956-2080
Email: scurry@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Ryukyuan and Japanese language history, diachronic and areal variation, phonology, Okinawan language documentation and preservation, Japanese and Okinawan language pedagogy, Lexicography
Associate Professor
Associate Chair & Graduate Chair
Moore Hall 421
Phone: (808) 956-2063
Email: fukudash@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Theoretical and experimental syntax, Lexical semantics, Syntax-lexical semantics interface phenomena and their acquisition, Japanese linguistics
LincA-2 #4
Phone: (808) 956-2085
Email: sforte@hawaii.edu
Research interests: Japanese Pedagogy, Dialogism and Sociocultural Theory in L2 Instruction, Classroom Practices
Assistant Professor
Moore Hall 360
Phone: (808) 956-2056
Email: andreh@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Narratives of empire, nation, and colony (Korea) in modern Japanese literature (Meiji-Taishō-Shōwa), Representations of Korean anticolonial resistance in Japanese popular colonial discourse and visual culture, Affect studies, terror, and colonial discourse, Genre studies: fictions of crime, detection, and terror, Postcolonial legacies of Japanese imperialism
Assistant Professor
Moore Hall 356
Phone: (808) 956-8031
Email: atsushih@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Language Pedagogy, Conversation Analysis, Social Network Analysis
Huey_For_EALL_website HUEY, Robert
Moore Hall 387
Phone: (808) 956-7283
Email: huey@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Classical and medieval Japanese poetry, Japanese culture in the Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawan Studies
IWAI, Tomoko
Lincoln Annex 2, Room 8
Phone: (808) 956-2088
Email: tomoko@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Language Pedagogy, Pragmatics
KANNO, Kazue
Associate Professor
Moore Hall 385
Phone: (808) 956-7113
Email: kanno@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Japanese SLA, Pedagogical grammar, Language analysis
Associate Dean, LLL
Bilger 101
Phone: (808) 956-4426
Email: kondo@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Japanese and heritage language education and assessment
MITO, Masaru
Lincoln Annex A-1 #6
Phone: (808) 956-2084
Email: mmito@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Japanese language pedagogy
Lincoln Annex 1, Room 3
Phone: (808) 956-5200
Email: emim@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Language and social interaction (CA perspective), Business discourse, Foreign language pedagogy
Moore Hall 364
Phone: (808) 956-7245
Email: mogasawa@hawaii.edu
RAY, Grace
Lincoln Annex 1, Room 7
Phone: (808) 956-2085
Email: ray@hawaii.edu
Moore Hall 420
Phone: (808) 956-8292
Email: yumiko@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Pragmatics, Japanese language pedagogy, Classroom discourse, Conversation analysis, Translation and interpreting
WADA, Yuka
Lincoln Annex 1, Room 1
Phone: (808) 956-6851
Email: ywada@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Japanese language pedagogy
WOO, Patrick C.K.
Lincoln Annex 1, Room 5
Phone: (808) 956-4643
Email: woop@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Modern Japanese Literature, Japanese Christian novelists and their reception in Japan
Associate Professor
Lincoln Annex 2, Room 6
Phone: (808) 956-2077
Email: dinar@hawaii.edu

Korean Faculty

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Korean Section Head

KIM, Mary Shin
Associate Professor
Moore Hall 392
Phone: (808) 956-2074
Email: maryskim@hawaii.edu

Moore Hall 371
Phone: (808) 956-2493
Email: changhan@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Korean sociolinguistics, Pedagogy, Second Language acquisition
CHEON, Sang-Yee
Associate Professor
Director, Korean Language Flagship Center
Moore Hall 352
Phone: (808) 956-2054
Email: scheon@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Korean linguistics, Phonetics and phonology, Second language acquisition, Content-based instruction: Curriculum and assessment, Teaching Korean language and culture through media (films, ads, and news, etc.)
CHUNG, Han-Byul
Assistant Professor
Moore Hall 354
Phone: 808-956-8406
Email: hchung2@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Syntax, Korean linguistics, Manchu, Syntax-semantics interface
CHUNG, Hyunsun
Moore Hall 373
Phone: (808) 956-2076
Email: hyunsunc@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Discourse-functional linguistics, Conversation analysis, Pragmatics, Semantics, Grammaticalization and Korean language pedagogy
Assistant Professor
Moore Hall 386
Phone: (808) 956-2233
Email: dkroli@hawaii.edu
Research Interests:  Modern Korean Poetry, Translation Studies, Poetics, Postcolonial Theory, Transnational Literature
KIM, Mary Shin
Associate Professor
Korean Section Head
Moore Hall 392
Phone: (808) 956-2074
Email: maryskim@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Discourse-functional linguistics, Conversation analysis, Korean language pedagogy, Pragmatics
KIM, Yung Hee

Moore Hall 389
Phone: (808) 956-2072
Email: yunghee@hawaii.eduOn leave Fall 2020
Research Interests: Modern Korean women writers, Modern Korean fiction, Korean intellectuals and colonialism
LEE, Hye Seung
Moore Hall 372
Phone: (808) 956-6881
Email: hyeseung@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Korean linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Discourse analysis, Korean pedagogy
PARK, Mee-Jeong
Associate Professor
EALL Chair
Moore Hall 353
Phone: (808) 956-2052
Email: meejeong@hawaii.edu
Research Interests: Functional grammar, Discourse Analysis, Intonation, Instructional technology

Cooperating Faculty

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KASPER, Gabriele
Moore Hall 554
Phone: (808) 956-8610
Email: gkasper@hawaii.edu