Endowments Bolster Study of Korean Literature at UH

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The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL) offers unrivaled financial support for the study of Korean literature thanks to three named endowments established in the department in the last five years. The endowments, currently totaling $400,000, are:

  • The Eugene and Sook-Ki Moon Endowed Fellowship for Korean Literature ($100,000; established in December 2014);
  • The Kwang Soo and Young Ran Chang Endowment for Korean Literature (established in July 2015 with a $100,000 gift, followed by an additional donation of $100,000 in July 2019); and
  • The Hee Kyung Lee Kwon Endowment for the Enhancement of the Korean Literature Program ($100,000; established in December 2017 by the daughter of Hee Kyung Lee Kwon, Esther Kwon Arinaga).

Specifically designated for strengthening and enhancing the existing Korean literature program in EALL, these funds represent the donors’ advocacy of and support for development of studies on Korean literary traditions.

“Ultimately, these endowments will contribute to nurturing and producing next generations of competent and committed scholars, researchers, and teachers in the field,” said Yung-Hee Kim, professor of Korean literature and a member of the Center for Korean Studies faculty. Professor Kim was instrumental in establishing the endowments through her long personal friendships with the donors, who recognize and appreciate her scholarly dedication to Korean literature and culture, her efforts to promote Korean studies in general, and her service to the local Korean community.

For further information about the endowments and Korean-literature studies at the University of Hawai‘i, contact Professor Kim by e-mail at yunghee@hawaii. For information about EALL, see https://www.hawaii.edu/eall/.