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Juvenile Justice Reform

With funding from the State of Hawaii Office of Youth Services, the Department conducted a study on the overrepresentation of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders in Hawaii’s juvenile justice system with recommendations for reform. Practicum students then developed an…

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Bikeshare Planning

In collaboration with Bikeshare Hawaii and Kauai County, the Department supervised a student practicum to study alternative pricing strategies, create a plan for Honolulu's Bikeshare system evaluation, and a feasibility study for expansion on Kauai. Prof. Makena Coffman

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Renewable Energy

Study to develop a variety of scenarios for how Hawaii might meet the State's goal of achieving 100% of its' electricity through renewable sources by the year 2045, with an emphasis on opportunities for load shifting and integrating intermittent sources…

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Electric Vehicle Impact Study

The U.S. Department of Transportation in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Transportation Center at the University of Central Florida and Hawaii Natural Energy Institute is supporting a study of the impact of electric vehicle support policies, economic development, and greenhouse…

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Pacific Urban Resilience Lab

The department is participating in the development of new technologies and applications related to disaster risk reduction in urban areas, including Hawaii and the Pacific region.  Topics include climate adaptation, food security, visualization, and participatory capacity building projects. Prof. Karl…

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