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International Development Planning

International Development Planning

Rapid urbanization, brisk yet uneven economic development, and globalization are posing complex urban planning challenges in the Global South. The International Development Planning (IDP) cluster equips planners with the knowledge and skills required to develop effective, sensitive, and just planning responses to these challenges. The world today is more urban than rural. Between 2011 and 2050 the world’s population is expected to increase from 7 to 9.3 billion (UN DESA 2011).  Seventy-five percent of this population increase will be urban, with over half of it in Asia. By 2025 seven of the world’s ten largest megacities and urban agglomerations will be Asian. While significant poverty reduction and political changes have followed from Asia’s impressive industrialization and inexorable urbanization, they also present major developmental and environmental problems. DURP’s strategic geographic location, and the relevant expertise of its faculty make IDP’s concentration on urban planning in Asia and the Pacific uniquely strong.

IDP faculty members’ diverse research interests and wide-ranging expertise inform students’ intellectual explorations through courses and individual research projects.  Specific areas of strength include: urban poverty alleviation; urban environmental issues; shelter and slum upgrading; water and urban services; participatory planning and governance; community resilience; climate change and disaster risk reduction; decentralization and governance; community economic development and microfinance; peri-urbanization and urban-rural linkages; history and theory of development; and the role of civil society in development. The IDP student body is diverse, drawing students from across North America, Asia and the Pacific, among other regions. IDP graduates work in government agencies, international development organizations, NGOs, the private sector, and academia internationally.


Possible capstone topics:

  • Uneven development
  • Industrialization
  • Rural and resource based development
  • Access to basic services and needs


Courses in this stream (select 9 credits):

PLAN 628 *Urban Environmental Problems
PLAN 630 Urban and Regional Planning in Asia
PLAN 632 *Hawai‘i and Pacific Island Planning
PLAN 633 Globalization and Urbanization in the Asia-Pacific Region
PLAN 634 Urban Shelter and Services in Developing Countries
PLAN 635 East Asian Development: Policy and Planning Issues
PLAN 636 *Culture and Urban Form in Asia
PLAN 637 Environment and Development
PLAN 638 China’s Economic and Regional Development
PLAN 639 *Community-based Natural Resources Development
PLAN 741 Civil Society, NGOs, and Urban Development (course to be proposed)

Courses listed in more than one stream

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