Conflict Resolution & De-Escalation Workshop

This presentation is recommended for faculty and staff, but students are welcome to join and have found it very useful. Conflict Resolution and De-escalation techniques taught in this workshop are centered on two key factors:

  1. Reasoning with an agitated or angry person is rarely possible. The first and only objective of de-escalation is to reduce the level of agitation so that a reasonable discussion can occur.
  2. De-escalation techniques are inherently abnormal. They go against our natural ‘fight or flight’ reflexes. To be effective, we must remain calm, centered, and professionally detached from the situation. These skills require practice.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about precipitating factors and signs of agitation
  • Discuss verbal and nonverbal de-escalation techniques
  • Learn how to end the de-escalation process so you can begin a reasonable discussion
  • Learn techniques for what to do when de-escalation isn’t possible (i.e., how to ask a person to leave your office or area, while maintaining your own personal safety)
  • Engage with fellow participants in practice scenarios

This meeting is open to any student or employee in the UH System and will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

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This training lasts approximately 75 minutes
Cost: Free

Schedule a Session for Your Department or Group

To schedule a session for your student, faculty, or staff group, please fill out our DPS workshop and training request form. If you have questions, please contact the Crisis Response & Training Manager, Michelle Myrie by email at, or by phone at (808) 956-9858.