Burglary at Kuykendall

Yesterday, Thursday, June 15, 2023, a burglary was reported from offices at Kuykendall Hall.  The incident occurred between Tuesday, June 13 at 3:00 p.m. and Thursday, June 15 at 11:00 a.m.  During this incident, the suspect used some sort of tool to attempt forced entry into several offices.  Entry was gained into only one office and it is unknown if any items were taken.  The offices that were not entered had signs of tampering on doorknobs.

Please notify the UH Mānoa Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (808) 956-6911 or the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) at 911 if you have any information regarding this incident or if you observe suspicious people, vehicles, or activity on campus.  Please keep reading below for burglary prevention tips.

DPS recommends:

  • Never keep cash or valuable personal property in your office, even if locked. If your office has valuable equipment, DPS recommends keeping it stored in a locked cabinet.
  • Always close and lock all doors and windows, even if you only plan to be gone for a few minutes.
  • If your office area has windows with a screen or jalousies, consider installing a secure window that cannot easily be cut or removed.
  • If multiple people have access to a storage room or office, ensure that everyone follows the same protocols for keeping the area secure.
  • Keep an inventory of items in the storage unit and be sure to update the list each time something is removed or replaced. Keep serial numbers of any higher-priced items or equipment, to ensure that property can be returned to you if recovered.
  • If your office has a keypad or coded door, remember to change the code frequently – never give the code to unauthorized individuals. If possible, establish unique codes and ensure that the code is changed or deactivated if a person leaves employment or is no longer with your department.
  • To ensure access is limited only to those with permission, ensure that your department has a system for checking out and returning keys to any office areas.
  • Do not lend keys to others in your department or building – if a key is lost or stolen, immediately report it to your department or building coordinator.
  • We do not recommend utilizing a key “lock box” outside of any room. Rather, issue keys to each occupant with permission as per your building or department’s key management policy, or consider using a keypad or coded door with unique codes for each user.
  • If possible, work with your department to install a security alarm or camera in any office that contains sensitive or valuable materials.
  • If you believe that your office or apartment has been entered, it is important for your safety that you do not enter the area. Immediately call DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911.
  • Contact us if you observe suspicious people, vehicles, or activity on campus. While the term “suspicious” may mean different things to different people, we urge our community to contact us even if they aren’t sure whether or not something seems out of place.  If you see something, say something by immediately calling DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911 so an officer can respond to check the location.