Burglary at Kau’iokahaloa Iki Faculty Apartments

Today, Monday, May 16, 2022, a burglary was reported at the Kau’iokahaloa Iki Faculty Housing Complex in Mānoa valley.  The incident took place between 7:20 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. today.  The suspect entered through an unlocked door, and an unknown amount of money and keys were taken.  Honolulu Police are investigating.

DPS would like to remind our community that if you see something, say something. This means calling DPS immediately should you see suspicious individuals loitering in areas seemingly without legitimate business, peering into windows or buildings after hours, looking into car windows, and/or sleeping in buildings.  It is important that our community is aware of these concerns so we can work together to maintain a safe campus community. If you have information on this incident, please call DPS at (808) 956-6911.

DPS recommends:

  • Contact us if you observe suspicious people, vehicles, or activity on campus. While the term “suspicious” may mean different things to different people, we urge our community to contact us even if they aren’t sure whether or not something seems out of place. If you see something, say something by immediately calling DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911 so an officer can respond to check the location.
  • Should you witness a crime or other suspicious activity on campus, do not confront the individual. Please call DPS and/or HPD immediately so we may investigate.
  • Whenever possible, keep valuables secured, and out of sight, and/or locked away.  If possible, install a security camera and/or alarm system at your residence or in any office that contains sensitive or valuable materials.
  • Always close and lock all doors and windows, even when sleeping or taking quick trips away from home or your office. Keep blinds and curtains closed.
  • If you plan to leave for a vacation, ask a friend or neighbor to watch over your home and/or property — this is a good practice regardless of whether or not you live on campus.
  • If you believe that your office or apartment has been entered, it is important for your safety that you do not enter the area. Immediately call DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911.