String of Moped Thefts at UH Mānoa and Burglary at UH Lab School

UH Mānoa has experienced a recent string of moped thefts on campus. In the past few weeks, five mopeds have been reported stolen from various moped parking areas near student housing and on lower campus near athletic fields.

Additionally, today, Thursday, March 11, 2021, a burglary was reported from UH Lab School at UH Mānoa. The theft took place in in the locker rooms, sometime between 5:40 p.m., yesterday, Wednesday, March 10 and 12:55 a.m. this morning. A laptop computer was reported stolen. A report has been filed with Honolulu Police.
DPS would like to remind our community of tips for keeping your property safe. Please continue reading for bike/moped theft prevention tips and burglary prevention tips. Contact DPS if you observe suspicious people, vehicles, or activity on campus. While the term “suspicious” may mean different things to different people, we urge our community to contact us even if they aren’t sure whether or not something seems out of place. If you see something, say something by immediately calling DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911 so an officer can respond to check the location. Please read below for more tips.

Bike and moped theft prevention tips:

  • Use a solid steel lock with a heavy chain that cannot easily be cut or removed from your moped (for bikes, we recommend at least two heavy locks on the frame, both tires, and seat). Be sure that locks or chains cannot be lifted over the seat or handlebar area when locked. Remove any unsecured accessories and personal items from your bike or moped before leaving.
  • The bike or moped should be secured to an immovable object – they are light and easy to lift, so it is important that it is locked to a rack so it is not as easy to take. Remember to do this even if you utilize bike cage parking.
  • Park your vehicle, bike or moped in a secured, well-lit, and legal area. Always lock your vehicle, bike, or moped properly, even if leaving it unattended for just a few minutes. Do not leave valuables inside a vehicle or unattended, especially if they are in open view.
  • Don’t park your vehicle, bike or moped in the same location every time, or leave it unattended for days at a time – thieves notice patterns. If you live on campus, DPS recommends checking in on your bike or moped daily.
  • To avoid a citation or tow on campus, park in a designated parking area and ensure that you have a current parking permit.
  • If you plan to be gone for an extended period of time and don’t have a secure area to park, ask a friend or family member if they would be willing to store it while you are away.
  • Register your bike or moped with the City & County of Honolulu. Take a photo of your property, including the VIN or serial number, and keep it on your phone or in a safe place so you can find the information should your property be taken.
  • If you observe any suspicious activity or behavior such as an individual loitering around parking areas, tampering with vehicles, or wandering in an area without legitimate business, call DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911. For more information on how to properly lock your bike or moped, visit

Burglary Prevention Tips:

  • If your office has a keypad or coded door, remember to change the code frequently – never give the code to unauthorized individuals. If possible, establish unique codes and ensure that the code is changed or deactivated if a person leaves employment or is no longer with your department.
  • Never keep cash or valuable personal property in your office, even if locked. If your office has valuable equipment, DPS recommends keeping it stored in a locked cabinet.
  • Always close and lock all doors and windows, even when taking quick trips away from home or your office.
  • To ensure access is limited only to those with permission, ensure that your department has a system for checking out and returning keys to any office areas.
  • Do not lend keys to others in your department or building – if a key is lost or stolen, immediately report it to your department or building coordinator.
  • If possible, install a security alarm or camera in any office that contains sensitive or valuable materials.
  • If you believe that your office or apartment has been entered, it is important for your safety that you do not enter the area. Immediately call DPS at (808) 956-6911 or HPD at 911.