Apply Now!


  • 2023 Spring, February 3, 4:30pm
  • 2022 Fall, October 7, 4:30pm


Before submitting the application:

  • Submit this form (applicant information) to the SEED office*
  • Download the form fillable application and enter all information
    SEED IDEAS Application Form (PDF: 339kb)
    Option to upload completed and signed application in the above applicant information form
  • Get all the required signatures. Review committee will not review applications that have no signatures

*Applications will be accepted but awards will be pending funding by the UH Budget Office.

How to Submit

As of January 2021, please submit a pdf of the application to
In subject line of email - The name of your proposal.
5 hard copies are not necessary.

Don't forget to email the application and the narrative to
In the subject line: Project - ex. "Decolonizing Museums and Public Spaces"


*Note: You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view and print this file. Click here to download the latest Adobe Reader. To obtain this document in an alternative format, please contact Pua Auyong-White (

Instructions for Using the Form-Fillable PDF:

  • This ’fillable’ Adobe PDF form may be completed in two ways: by printing it then filling it in by hand or typewriter manually; or by filling it in ’on screen’ then printing it.
  • For best usage, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (Standard or Professional) or higher or Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher is recommended.
  • Important: You must have the full version Adobe Acrobat software to save a form-fillable PDF file. If you are using the free Adobe Reader, you cannot save the data in the filled form. You can type your information directly into the form however, once you close your document, your data will be lost. Once you are finished entering the data into the form fields, print the form.