Commission on Disability Access

The Systemwide Commission on Disability Access (CODA) is charged to:

  • Promote and insure the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the University community.
  • Advise administrators on laws and regulations pertaining to persons with disabilities.
  • Initiate and support activities that enhance full participation of persons with disabilities in University programs, employment, and public events.
  • Gather information on problems related to disability access and recommend solutions.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of disability access issues involving instruction, research, and community service.
  • Promote systemwide coordination of programs for disability access.
  • Foster a positive social, academic, and employment environment at the University of Hawaii for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities.

The Commission consists of 12 members, appointed for terms of three years, representing campuses and programs throughout the system. Members include students, faculty and staff; service providers, as well as persons receiving services.

The Commission reports to the President through the Vice President for Student Affairs. Staff support is provided through the Office of Student Equity Excellence and Diversity.

Resource persons for CODA include the systemwide coordinator for distance learning and instructional technology, as well as the EEO/AA officers and the architects responsible for facilities access for the Community Colleges, Hilo, Mānoa, and West Oahu.

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