Mahalo Student!

Welcome to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa,TPSS graduate program and mahalo for entrusting us with this phase of your learning journey. Please scroll below to find information concerning your graduate study.


Initial advising of all graduate students is performed by the graduate chairman. Following this, it is the student’s responsibility to contact an advisor of interest and discuss with the particular advisor if they wish to serve as the chair of their committee. Upon agreement of the advisor to serve as chair of the student’s committee, the advisor will be required to sign all appropriate forms.

TPSS Graduate and Cooperating Faculty members may be selected as an advisor/committee chair. Affiliate Graduate Faculty can serve as members of a graduate committee, but cannot serve as advisor/committee chair or as the university representative of a PhD committee.

A majority of a graduate student committee must be from within the TPSS Graduate, Cooperating, or Affiliate Graduate Faculty list. The remaining one-third of the committee may be an outside member.

Graduate Committee
Upon entering the graduate program, students will meet with their advisor. Students shall meet with their permanent graduate program committee at least once each semester to access academic and research progress and to establish goals for the next semester. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule this meeting and to file the Academic Progress Report with the graduate chairman.
Lab Training Requirement

In the first semester of study, all graduate students who intended to work in a research laboratory classified as Biosafety Level one or higher are required to have adequate lab training. Students may be required to attend Lab Safety, Radiation Safety, Fire Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Compliance, and/or Hazardous Materials Management training courses. Additional information can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety Office website.