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M'Randa R Sandlin

Assistant Researcher Public Issues Education 


Public opinion research; Program development; Community education; Leadership development


Ph.D., Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications, Texas A&M University
M.S., Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications-International Agricultural Development, Texas A&M University
B.S. Horticulture, Texas Tech University

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

My research investigates public opinions of issues surrounding agriculture and natural resources (ANR). The findings are used to create programming for ANR industry and the general population. Programming for ANR industry includes trainings and workshops for message communication, leadership development, and organizational visioning. Programming for the general public includes working with Extension agents to deliver relevant content, media-based content delivery, and community leadership development trainings.

Selected Publications:

  • Sandlin, M. R., Price, M. R., & Perez, K. (Accepted 2017). A capstone experience: Impacts of a behavioral style learning unit on soft skill development and team dynamics. Journal of Agricultural Education.
  • Asem-Hiablie, S., Rotz, C., Sandlin, J. D., Sandlin, M. S., & Stout, R. (Submitted-2017). Management characteristics of beef cattle production in Hawaii. The Professional Animal Scientist.
  • Sandlin, M. R., & Perez, K. (2017). Evaluation of an annual community-focused agricultural literacy event. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(3), 293-309. doi:
  • Sandlin, M. R., Lindner, J. R., Dooley, K. E., Odom, S. F., Lombardini, L., & Perez, K. (2017). Consumer perceptions of fruit and vegetable origin, growing methods, and willingness to pay in Trinidad and Tobago marketplaces: Implications for extension programming. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 5(3), 35-52. Retrieved from
  • Sandlin, M. R. (2015). The agricultural industry in Trinidad and Tobago: Perspectives of industry professionals. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, 22(2). doi:10.5191/jiaee.2015.22201
  • Burbank, M., Odom, S. F., & Sandlin, M. R. (2015). A content analysis of undergraduate students' perceived reasons for changes in personal leadership behaviors. Journal of Leadership Education, 14(2), 182-197. doi: 1012806/v14/i2/r12
  • Odom, S. F., Andenoro, A., Sandlin, M. R., Jones, J. (2015). Undergraduate leadership students’ self-perceived level of moral imagination: An innovation foundation for morality-based leadership curricula. Journal of Leadership Education, 14(2), 129-145. doi: 1012806/v14/i2/r9
  • Sandlin, M. R., Murphrey, T. P., Lindner, J. R., & Dooley, K. E. (2014). An examination of the use of reusable learning objects to alter agricultural students’ attitudes and opinions regarding international settings. NACTA Journal, 58(1).
  • Sandlin, M. R., Murphrey, T. P., Lindner, J. R., & Dooley, K. E. (2013). Impacts of a faculty abroad experience on teaching style and technology use in a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Journal of Agricultural Education, 54(3).
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