Landscape Graphics Studio

TPSS 353


Andrew Kaufman

Semesters taught:

Spring 2016



Students will be able to:

  • Have a broad understanding of the landscape industry and the crucial role that design communication plays.
  • Understanding the associations between landscape planting design in relation to the installation and management of a landscape. 
  • Produce both free-hand and technical landscape graphics
  • Acquire basic graphic tools to be able to clearly articulate a landscape plan.
  • Think creatively and logically about the methods to produce an effective landscape communication drawing.

Skills and knowledge to be acquired:

Basic skills of landscape graphic communication through a creative process model. Learning free hand and technical drafting techniques to creative effective landscape graphics.


Through an understanding of landscape drafting techniques, artistic, and critical thinking, this course will be structured in a comprehensive approach to help build a strong landscape drafting foundation.



Cross-Listed courses:

ARCH 353