Shortbill Spearfish

Shortbill Spearfish
(Tetrapturus angustirostris)

Shortbill Spearfish


Catch fish by setting longline boat fishing hooks in deep water. Can catch using lures and baits by trollers. Best to catch June through October.


Keep fish chilled in ice. Can be frozen for longer storage.


  • Wash fish well before use.
  • Remove the guts and cut the flesh with a knife.
  • Can be eaten raw.
  • Can be broiled, grilled, or sautéed.
  • (Hawaii Seafood Council, 2012)

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Shortbill Spearfish

Shortbill spearfish, also known as Hebi, have short dorsal fins and very short bills. The flesh is softer than other billfish, mild in flavor, and white to pink in color (Hawaii Seafood Council, 2012).

Traditional Names
  • Hawaiian – aʻu
  • Kosraean – ik koac
  • Marshallese – ujilieb
  • Yapese – mwarelasho