Runners & Scads

Runners & Scads (Carangidae)




Catch fish using nets or pole-and-line in the day or handlining at night. Can also catch using light tackle, baitcasting gear, handline gear, or trollers with small lures or baits.


Keep fish chilled in a cooler or freezer. Can be frozen for longer storage.


  • Wash fish well before use.
  • Remove the guts with a knife.
  • (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, 2006).

Photo Source

Keith Wilson (via MyFishGallery)
Wildlife Blog

Bigeye Scad

Bigeye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus)
Also known as aji, the bigeye scad is characterized by its large eyes, is silvery blue in top color and silvery white in bottom color with a yellow tail. Can be found along the coast or shallow banks in mid- or surface waters. Best to catch from July to December.
(Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, 2006).

Mackerel & Rainbow

Mackerel scad (Decapterus macarellus)
Mackerel scad is blue or greenish yellow in color with silvery white bottom color and a dark spot above the gills (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, 2006).


Rainbow runner (Elagatis bipinnulatus)
Rainbow runner is dark blue in top color, yellow-silver in bottom color, has stripes of light blue and yellow and yellow fins. Can be found in open water near the surface and floating objects (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, 2006).

Yellowtail Scad

Yellowtail scad (Atule mate)
Yellowtail scad is silver in color with hints of greenish yellow, dark vertical bars, a yellow tail, and a black spot behind the eye. Can be found in protected bays or the tidal mouths of rivers near floating objects. Best to catch from March to October (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, 2006).

Traditional Names
  • Hawaiian – akule/halalū; ‘ōpelu; kamanu; omaka
  • Marshallese – bob ere