Variety Showcase Oahu Fllyer

Variety Showcase Oahu

This event is an interactive mixer to build community between plant breeders, researchers, new & established sustainable farmers, ranchers, fishers, food artisans and eaters.

Participants in the kalo field

Fish and Poi

The Aquaponic Fish and Poi Workshop discusses open-system aquaponics.

Participants try samples of onion varieties under the tent

Kula Onion Field Day

Agents are looking for alternative sweet onion varieties to keep production going up country.

Won bok cabbage with kimchi paste

Kimchi Recipe

Won bok cabbage varieties and ways to add value and preserve vegetables.

Onions Drying in the Field

The Life of An Onion

Follow along as we view the Life of an Onion and learn how the onion goes from the field to table. The Life Cycle of an Onion

Eggs dyed with turmeric

‘Olena (Turmeric) Field Day

The Organic Turmeric Field Day featured presentations by experts and field demonstrations of innovative harvest practices.

2019 Taro Field Day Attendees in the field

Taro Field Day 2019

On March 21, 2019, Extension Agents presented finding from the Evaluation of New Taro Varieties Resistant to Taro Leaf Blight in Hawaii project.

Washing turmeric in preparation for the field day

Turmeric Field Day

The dark clouds and some rain didn’t stop the Turmeric Variety Trial Field Day on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Agents checking progress on screen trial for bok choy

Pak Choy Field Day

Video from the Pak Choy Field Day Trial at the Kula Ag Park with agents Kylie Wong and Robin Shimabuku.

Negi Varieties on Grate

Negi Field Day

A field day focusing on “Preliminary Observations of ‘Negi’ Green Onion Varieties for Long White Stems’ was held on Friday, September 9, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Poamoho Research Station in Waialua.