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High School
Emma Ching
Emma Ching (Oahu)
“I learned a lot about where food comes from and the benefits from eating local and healthy foods.”
Luke de La Pena
Luke de La Pena (Kauai)
“I had fun making this video. For this video I made a green papaya salad. This is something that I order when we go out to eat, but now I can make it myself using papaya from our own trees.”
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Middle School
Sophia Kato
Sophia Kato (Maui)
“Through this cooking contest, I learned how to film, edit and manage my time wisely.”
Runners Up

Prince Baltero Prince Baltero (Lanai)“What I learned from this contest was that vegetables could be perfectly great like meat. And trying to use whatever resources our island has during this pandemic period keeps me and the whole family healthy. Most important lesson I’ve learned is that cooking is hard work so we don’t waste any food at the table at all.”
Ramsey Hillen Ramsey Hillen (Maui)“I learned that we had a lot more local produce in our kitchen than I knew. It was interesting that every one of them had a background story of where and who we got it from.”
Charlize Kenney Charlize Kenney (Kauai)“I learned that I love to cook and coming up with a recipe that uses island commodities was fun as well as educational.”