Military Partnerships

Hawaii 4-H Military Partnership Liaison Tina Mueller

New 4-H Military Program Coordinator

Welcome Tina Mueller, the new Hawaii 4-H Military Program Coordinator Tina Mueller!

Army 4-H Day Camp

Army 4-H Day Camp Let’s kick off summer break by exploring 4-H.  Hawaii 4-H Military Partnership will be holding a summer day camp on May 30 to June 2nd, 2023 from 8am to 3pm at the University of Hawaii’s Urban Garden Center in Pearl City. Army 4-H Day Camp is opened to Army Active Duty dependents going in to grade K-4 in Fall of 2023. Youth going into grades 5th through 12th can also participate as junior leaders/camp counselors. Camp will focus on a variety of 4-H topics including cooking,…

4-H Keiki Open Market

1st Keiki Open Market in the Books! On Saturday February 11, 2023,

Vision Boards for Club Planning

CREATE YOUR OWN VISION BOARD Bring your goals to life with a vision board!

Recruiting for LIFE Club

Learn about entrepreneurship and innovation through our hands-on project.