Communication By Zoom

Many 4-Hers had been preparing for months for their participation in the 4-H Communications Fair, which was held by Zoom on Sunday, March 29. The presentation and demonstration sections happened virtually, because the Coronavirus has shut down physical meetings for the present. All of the 4-Hers who had presentations and demonstrations prepared, as well as the judges and spectators, participated via Zoom. We were asked to turn off our sound and pictures so that the people presenting would have a clear connection. First, the kids presented, and then judges and audience members were allowed to ask questions. At the end, the posters and photographs were shown. The presentations and demonstrations were recorded and sent to the judges. We hope to see our results at the next Zoom meeting.

N. Biggio, Manawalea 4-H Club

Top left:  4-Hers watching the presentations & demonstrations from home.
Top right: This is how we gave an applause when on mute.
Below:  4-Hers performing their demonstration in front of a virtual audience. On the left, “How to Make a Paracord Bracelet.” On the right, “Parachute Deployment System for Bottle Rockets.”

*Thank you to our “at-home” screenshot photographers for the photos–L. Black, B. Kanenaka, J. Jones.