Kitten Drive

Hi, my name is Hina O’Donovan. I am in the new 4-H group called Maui Girls. We started our group in December 2018 and currently have 7 members. I would like to share about our first community project.

On May 19th, from 11:00am -1:00 pm, our 4-H group had a donation drive at the Petco Kahului Store to help the new kittens at the Maui Humane Society. We picked the Humane Society as our organization to help because we all love and think animals should get treated with care. We went to the Humane Society prior to the drive to ask what they need help with. They suggested to help the newborn kittens.

We learned about how kittens are taken care of, took notes, and thought of ideas on the ways to make the drive successful. Some members made flyers and posters to show what specific items we might need. On the day of the drive, we were there 10:30 am to set up in Petco. A few of us went in front of Target to let people know about our Petco Drive and some people gave us donations right there. We successfully raised $125. We also received 7 blankets, 7 cat toys, 1 cardboard scratcher, 1 brush, 1 nail clipper, 1 kitty cap dispenser, 1 water bowl, and 27 cans of kitten food. It went very fast and the drive was over in no time.

We would like to give appreciation to Petco for letting us do our kitten donation drive there. We were sad because we could not say “thank you” to the Petco manager who helped us to plan and set up the drive, but one of the employees recorded a video and sent it to her. It was a great experience to learn how we can help the community and meet people who care about community and animals as well. We would really like to continue with helping local nonprofit organizations.