Scholarships and Grants

The centralized resource for funding at UH Manoa is the UH STAR scholarship system. This should be your first stop for a scholarship and grant search. The priority deadline for all scholarships in STAR is in February. Please note that some CSAS-specific scholarships, graduate fellowships, and scholarships and fellowships from outside UH have different deadlines. Deadlines for many graduate fellowships are in the Fall.






As a scholarship available to the UH System, this scholarship is not on STAR; rather it is available on the UH System Common Scholarship Application. Please see below for instructions.

The J. Watumull Scholarship for the Study of India provides support for University of Hawai`i System undergraduate or graduate students with focused and well-developed proposals to study for a minimum of two months in India. The scholarship will support students in any field, including the professional schools and community college programs.

Graduate students can undertake advanced study or research at a recognized Indian institution. Alternatively, students may conduct pre-approved independent study overseen by a faculty member at UH in cooperation with a scholar in India. Applicants should review and fulfill the eligibility criteria (see below).


  • Recipients must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Recipients will be expected to use the scholarship to support them in a pre-approved program of courses at a reputable Indian institution or collaboration with an Indian scholar.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students from any UH campus and in any degree-seeking, professional or community college program may apply.
  • Students must earn credit for their program.
  • Awards will be made on the basis of academic merit to students in good academic standing. It is expected that students will have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Consideration will also be given to service to the community and other activities and experiences of the applicant.
  • The proposed course of study must contribute to a broader understanding and deeper appreciation of Indian culture and contemporary issues. The program does not necessarily have to be directly related to the student’s major area of study, but must be approved by the student’s academic advisor.
  • Preference will generally be given to students who 1) are not in their graduating year and 2) have had no prior first-hand experience in India.
  • At the time, the program in India takes place, recipients are expected to be continuing University of Hawaiʻi students.
  • Funding shall be used to support recipients’ travel to and from India, and their day-to-day living expenses while in India.
  • Recipients must submit a written report of their experience and research objectives that were met while in India to the Foundation Scholarship Office within one month upon their return to the United States. A public presentation is also required.

How to apply

NOTE: As of October 2023, The J. Watumull Scholarship will be managed by the UH System Common Scholarship Application. The same information as is listed below will be collected through their system. Please use the information below as a guideline for what is needed to apply.

  • This legacy application form is included here as a guide for preparing answers to submit through the UH System Common Scholarship Application.
  • Three confidential letters of recommendation including one from the applicant’s academic advisor.
  • If students are participating in a pre-approved independent study program, the recommendation letter from the academic supervisor should include information regarding the specific requirements of the applicant’s research project.
  • A 2-3-page double-spaced essay must be submitted describing what the applicant is looking forward to achieving from the study program, the applicant’s plan of study, and preparedness to complete the project.
  • Applicants must submit a one-page, detailed budget.
  • Official transcripts from UH and any other colleges attended.
  • Evidence of in-country support or sponsorship in the form of a letter of affiliation or agreement from the host institution/scholar.
  • All the application materials must be submitted through the UH System Common Scholarship Application.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the CSAS Director at with any questions regarding the application process.


Jagdish P. Sharma Memorial Scholarship announces a call for applications to support graduate students with an academic focus on South Asia. The annual scholarship will award each recipient up to $5000 – half delivered at the opening of each semester.

Eligible for the scholarship are graduate students enrolled in a program in the College of Arts, Languages, and Letters, College of Social Sciences, or College of Natural Sciences at UHM and pursuing studies of or about the South Asia region and its people. The criteria to be used to award the scholarship include the following:
1) Statement of commitment to South Asian studies;
2) Letter of recommendation from an academic faculty member; and
3) Academic merit as determined by the selection committee upon review of application materials.

It is also required that recipients send 1) a letter of appreciation to the Sharma family and 2) submit a write-up in the spring semester detailing academic achievements while on the scholarship.

One can find more information and apply electronically for the scholarship – administered by the Department of History – through the UH STAR system.

Many thanks, especially to the Sharma family for their continuing generosity.

This article provides details about Dr. Jagdish Sharma and this scholarship.


This scholarship program, administered through the Asian Studies and Pacific Islands Studies programs and funded by the Graduate Division of the university, provides payment for two semesters of tuition (fees are not included). Applications are available to all graduate students in these programs; students must have and maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA to be eligible.


A limited number of scholarships are available to undergraduates with high academic standing who are pursuing a well-designed course of study or major related to the Pacific-Asian region or who are from a Pacific-Asian jurisdiction.

Applicants must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and must be full-time students. The competition is open to both residents and nonresidents. The award includes a full tuition waiver, but does not include fees. Awards will be for one academic year (two semesters), contingent on maintaining a full-time status and a 3.5 cumulative GPA.


This scholarship covers tuition costs for one academic year for graduate or undergraduate students in Asian studies. Some consideration for financial need is given in the selection process.


A limited number of tuition waivers are available for graduate students. The waivers are granted on a semester basis and cover tuition only for resident or nonresident classified students (fees are not included). Tuition waivers are awarded primarily on the basis of need and academic performance.


There are a limited number of graduate assistantships to graduates of accredited institutions of higher learning who have satisfactory scholastic records, adequate undergraduate background in the major field and evidence of a high level of English language proficiency. All applicants for graduate assistantships must be admitted as potential degree candidates. Graduate assistants serve as part-time teaching or research assistants and carry a program of study usually limited to a maximum of 9 credit hours a semester. The period of service extends from fall semester registration through commencement for an academic year appointment. Graduate Assistantships are posted on the Career Opportunities at the University of Hawai’i website.


The Career Center offers a wealth of trainings and information for planning a future career, including information about jobs in the community and on-campus to assist students who seek part-time employment to defray their expenses. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Career Center’s offerings. However, students are cautioned about depending on part-time work to cover their expenses; Hawai‘i’s cost of living is high. Campus and community jobs are posted on the SECE website.

Further information is available from the office at:
2600 Campus Road, Suite 212
Honolulu, HI 96822



The East-West Center offers a variety of fellowship programs, including grants and fellowships for graduate students pursuing the study of Asia and the Pacific.


The University of Hawai‘i is a member of the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), the American Institute for Bangladesh Studies (AIBS), and the American Institute for Pakistan Studies (AIPS). The Center can endorse and forward applications for these pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research grants. It can also do the same for applications for the respective Institute’s grants for language study abroad. Students who wish to attend programs sponsored by the American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies (AISLS) or the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS) should contact the Center director.


The CSAS faculty members put together this resource, “Getting funded in South Asian Studies: Some Hints,” to help students apply for funding to support their research in the region.  You will find information on where to look for grants and the type of grants that are available for South Asian Studies.   The document lists the timelines for applications, preparatory steps, and tips on how to write a successful grant.


The office maintains a compilation of announcements and references books listing programs that offer financial assistance to graduate students. Sources include grant support programs of foundations, government agencies, and business and professional organization, and several locally compiled directories of opportunities.