CSAS Newsletter May 3-May 9

In alumni news we would like to share our condolences for former Rama Watumull Distinguished Scholar from India, Sudhir Kakar. We have included his In Memoriam in this newsletter.

In student news we would like to congratulate to all graduating students. We would like to send a special congratulations to our CSAS Spring 2024 graduates: Alia Jeraj (MA in Asian Studies) and Kavya Bhagawatula (MFA in Dance). Both were recipients of the J. Watumull Scholarship for Study in India. We also congratulate the winner of the SPAS Graduate Conference Paper Prize for Best Paper on South Asia – Carissa Chew, with honorable mention to Corwynn Madrone

Still looking for courses for summer or fall? You can find course offerings in South Asian Studies and by CSAS affiliate faculty in this newsletter.

We wish you the best of luck as you finish out the semester!

From CSAS,
Anna Stirr, Director
Mari Martinez, Coordinator


Sudhir Kakar
Former Rama Watumull Distinguished Scholar from India.

“Celebrated psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar was also a great table tennis player. Vikram Lal, former CEO of Eicher Motors, who lived in his Delhi locality in the 1970s, recalls that he won several state-level trophies growing up in Rajasthan. They played together sometimes, but it was their proximity at a time when there weren’t many young couples in the area, and his wife’s interest in psychology, that sealed their lifelong friendship – one that would witness Kakar’s rise as the ‘father of Indian psychoanalysis’, becoming one of the sole practitioners of the discipline in India. Kakar died Monday at the age of 85.” 
To read more of the article visit: https://tinyurl.com/46b8t2r2

The Library of Congress Asian Division – South Asian Digital Collection (SADC)

The Library of Congress Asian Division has launched the South Asian Digital Collection (SADC), which is also the topic of the latest post on LC’s 4 Corners of the Worldblog. This new collection framework wraps around some 900 books, rare books, a few manuscripts, and a couple of serials that have been digitized over the last 10-15 years as part of routine and project-based digitization efforts. All items are open access. With this new framework, SADC will enhance the discoverability of the Library’s South Asian digital holdings and create the foundation for more South Asian digital projects in the future. At launch, SADC includes digitized print and textual material, although it may grow to cross-reference South Asian items from LC’s Prints and Photographs Division (search catalog here) and Geography and Map Division (browse online maps here). Below are a few highlights of the collection at launch: 

Watch Symposium Livestream Recordings on our Youtube Channel!

Student News

SPAS Graduate Conference 2024 – Paper Prize Winners!

Congratulations to our paper prize winners from the Center for South Asian Studies! These awards came with a cash prize for students, we wish them all the best!

  • Carissa Chew – Best Paper on South Asia at the SPAS Graduate Conference 2024. Paper title: “The origins of “half-caste” as a racialized and sexualized category in East India Company India,” presented on Friday, 5 April, 2024.
  • Corwynn Madrone – Honorable Mention in the competition for the Best Paper on South Asia at the SPAS Graduate Conference 2024. Paper Title: “Intersectional Identity & Otherness in the Newar Buddhist Deity Bungadya,” presented on Friday, 5 April, 2024.

CONGRATULATIONS To our CSAS Spring 2024 Graduates!

Alumni Spotlight: Irmak Yazici

Irmak Yazici is a former CSAS Coordinator, and now teaching at Stanford University. 


What are some of your fond memories of engaging with South Asia at UH? 

One of my favorite aspects of working at CSAS was the continuous interaction and exchange of ideas with faculty and students as well as the larger South Asia community. I have truly enjoyed coordinating and publicizing events as the Center’s coordinator, making South Asia-related research accessible to all. I am also grateful for the support I received from CSAS toward my dissertation research–I was awarded the Jagdish P. Sharma Memorial Scholarship twice (2017 and 2019). 

To read more of our interview with Irmak Yazici visit our website: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/csas/2024/04/17/alumni-spotlight-irmak-yazici/

If you were a student involved with CSAS during your time at UH, we want to know what you’re doing now! Please email us at csas@hawaiil.edu to be featured in our spotlight! 


In order by upcoming deadlines.

International Social Science Collaboration and Development Grants

AASSREC is now accepting applications from social scientists for funding to support collaborative social science research activities in the Asia Pacific region. 
For more information visit: https://aassrec.org/development-grants/
Deadline: May 24, 2024

APA Legacy Scholarship

The Heritage Series’ APA Legacy PSA scholarship aims to allow young Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (APAs) to create fun and fascinating videos 60-90 seconds in length and disseminate them on social media platforms.
The vignettes must convey what being an APA means to you and why it’s important to recognize and celebrate your cultural heritage. Videos can center around the customs or traditions you practice, the types of foods you eat, or what you do with your family and friends.
For more information visit: https://www.heritageseries.us/apa-legacy-scholarship
DEADLINE: May 31, 2024
To Apply: https://airtable.com/appPy7AM9tl04uJH8/pagROa1oGllsSCGfB/form

Paid Digital Oral History Archivist (DOHA) Apprenticeship 

The 1947 Partition Archive (https://www.1947partitionarchive.org/) is pleased to partner with the National Endowment for the Humanities, in offering part-time paid advanced internships for undergraduate students (juniors and seniors – but sophomores can apply), and full-time one-year-long apprenticeships for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, beginning FALL of 2024. 

Apprenticeship Term: JUNE 1, 2024 TO MAY 31, 2025
DEADLINE: On a rolling basis, apply before May 31, 2024.
APPLY HERE: https://www.indeed.com/job/digital-oral-history-archivist-doha-apprenticeship-d500084141d256a0


Internship Term: AUGUST 15, 2024 to MARCH 15, 2025
DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2024
APPLY HERE: https://www.1947partitionarchive.org/DOHA

2024-2025 SAAH Scholarship

The Society of Asian Art of Hawai’i, Inc. promotes the pursuit of higher education by awarding scholarship grants to deserving Hawai’i college or university students studying Asia-related art courses at Hawai’i institutions of higher learning. The Scholarship Program is funded from contributions from individuals and organizations as well as fundraising activities conducted by the Society. For 2024-2025 the Society expects to award anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 to each qualified applicant.  

  1. Society of Asian Art of Hawai’i Scholarship Fund
  2. Susan Burghardt Scholarship Fund

The SAAH Scholarship Committee will determine the amounts based on the availability of funds. Note: to assure that applicants actually enroll in the courses they have selected, half of the scholarship amount will be given in September 2024, and the remaining half will be given in January 2025, after the fall transcript for 2024 completed courses and the spring 2025 course registration form have been submitted electronically to the email listed on the application form.
For more information and application to apply visit: https://www.saahhawaii.org/scholarship-application
Questions? Contact: saahscholarship@gmail.com
Application Deadline: June 30, 2024

Transform Your Dissertation into a Book  Workshop

This workshop is sponsored by the American Institute of Indian Studies with the American Institute of Pakistan Studies, American Institute of Bangladesh Studies, and American Institute of Sri Lankan Studies. Part  of the Annual Conference on South Asia at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, this workshop aims to help a select number of recent PhDs to re-vision their doctoral dissertations as books.
For more information visit: https://www.indiastudies.org/book-prize/dissertation-to-book-workshop/
Workshop: October 29-30, 2024
Application Deadline: July 31, 2024



Wedging and Binding: Beijing and Russia in China’s Disputes with India and Vietnam
With Dr. Shuxian Luo, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Studies

Is Russia becoming a Chinese “vassal” as many Western politicians and pundits claim? Will or can Beijing leverage its growing influence over Moscow to gain stronger Russian backing in China’s territorial disputes with India and Vietnam, both of which have close partnerships with Russia? This study challenges these prevailing views and instead argues that China has adopted a bifurcated approach toward Russia’s role in the context of China’s territorial dispute with India and Vietnam in the post-Cold War era. Driven by a logic of indirect wedging, China has exercised caution in seeking Russia’s support in its dispute with India. In contrast, the logic of binding has made Beijing less reluctant to pressure Moscow regarding the maritime dispute with Vietnam. This study contributes to the existing literature on wedging and binding, and sheds new light on how the US Indo-Pacific strategy could more effectively safeguard America’s interests.

WHEN: Thursday, May 9, 2024
TIME: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm HST 
To Register:https://tinyurl.com/y4xbh8zt


Interested in building your foundation as a professional? Whether you’re just starting grad school or getting ready to graduate, Beyond the Professoriate‘s 11th Annual Online Career Conference can help you as you prepare for those next steps. While hosted on the doctoral platform, this conference is open to all graduate students at any level and free for UH Mānoa constituents. This conference is particularly beneficial for those interested in exploring what it takes to successfully build a nonacademic career as a PhD.

Participate real-time May 6-10th, 12:00-12:45 pm ET daily or watch the replays on demand. Advanced registration required. Here’s what you can expect throughout the week.

  • May 6th: What employers actually value about your degree
  • May 7th: How to write a resume
  • May 8th: How to network when you don’t have a network
  • May 9th: Using LinkedIn in your job search
  • May 10th: How to find jobs that will give you stability

You can register for this event on their website.


Summer and Fall Course offering on South Asian Studies and by South Asian Studies Faculty!


  • ANTH 301 – Culture and Health (Jan Brunson)
  • ANTH 315 – Sex and Gender (Jan Brunson)
  • ASAN 466 – Transpacific Youth Pop Culture (Jade Lum)
  • BSU 315 – Global Management and Organizational Behavior (Dharm Bhavuk)
  • CL/REL 211 – Understanding Ancient Religions (A R Candens)
  • GEO 102 – World Regional Geography (Pallavi Gupta)
  • HIST 354 – Intro to Islamic History (A. Karim Khan)
  • REL 150 – Intro to the World’s Major Religions (Jonathan Pettit)
  • REL/WGSS – 149 Intro to the World’s Goddesses (A R Canden)


  • ART 400C – Special Topics: Life of the Buddha (Paul Lavy)
  • ART 791 – Seminar in South and Southeast Asian Art History (Paul Lavy)
  • ASAN 150 – Intro Asia Research & Writing (Anne McCarrey)
  • ASAS 202 – Intro to Asian Studies: South & Southeast Asia (Ben Moseley)
  • ASAN 303/DNCE 301/IP303 – Bollywood Dance, Music, & Film (Sai Bhatawadekar)
  • ASAN 305 – Careers Pathways in Asian Studies (Cathryn Clayton)
  • ASAN 310 Studying Asia Culturally (Anna Stirr)
  • ASAN 654 – South Asia Now (Anna Stirr)
  • ASAN 689 – International Relations in Asia
  • ENG 463 Studies in Film – Postcolonial Narrative Cinema (S Shankar)
  • GEO 102 – World Regional Geography (Pallavi Gupta)
  • HNDI 101, 201, 301 – (Sai Bhatawadekar)
  • HIST 354 – Intro to Islamic History (A. Karim Khan)
  • IP 374 – Classical Hindu Mythology (Jesse Knutson)
  • REL 149 – Intro to the World’s Goddesses (Amanda Canden)
  • REL 150 – Intro to the World’s Major Religions (multiple sections w/ multiple instructors)
  • REL 207 – Understanding Buddhism (M Mohr)
  • REL 209  – Understanding Islam (C Y Karam)
  • REL 308 – Religion, Politics, and Society (Ramdas Lamb)
  • REL 475 – Seminar on Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism) (K L Tsomo)
  • REL 495 – Seminar in Religion: Classical Tibetan (G Kinkley)
  • REL 602 – Study of Religion in Practice (Ramdas Lamb)
  • SNSK 101 – Intro to Sanskrit (Jesse Knutson)
  • SNSK 685 – Advanced Readings in Sanskrit (Jesse Knutson)
  • SOC 218 – Intro to Social Problems (Nandita Sharma)
  • SOC 609 – Seminar on Qualitative Research (Nandita Sharma)
  • PLAN 310 – Introduction to Planning (Priyam Das)
  • PLAN 600 – Public Policy and Planning Theory (Ashok Das)
  • PLAN 604 – Qualitative Methods Planning (Priyam Das) 
  • WGSS 151 – Intro to Women’s Studies (Monisha Das Gupta)
  • WGSS 418 – Gender and Work (Monisha Das Gupta)


Positions open until filled unless otherwise noted.

United States Naval War College – Strategy & Policy Policy

U.S. Naval War College seeks a professor of strategy and policy.  Expertise in North, East, Central, and/or South Asia is particularly desirable, but not required. 
For more information: https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=67128
Deadline: May 10, 2024

The Center for Global Asia at NYU – Center for Global Asia Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai is pleased to announce the availability of two research positions for the study of intra-Asian interactions, starting fall 2024.
For more information: https://apply.interfolio.com/143845
Deadline: May 15, 2024

Brown University: DOF: Comparative Literature

The Department of Comparative Literature at Brown University invites applications for an International Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship in Indian Ocean Studies. We seek a scholar with expertise in Indian Ocean literatures, including but not limited to the textual traditions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, or East Africa. The historical period and field of specialization are open, and we encourage applications from candidates whose work is comparative in nature. The position is a two-year term, beginning July 1, 2024.
For more information visit: https://apply.interfolio.com/137329

University of Pittsburgh – Full Time Faculty Professor,  History

The Department of History at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications for the Amundson Professorship of British History, to begin in Fall Term 2025. Applicants should have outstanding research records and be acknowledged leaders in British history broadly defined. This may include the British Isles, the British Empire, the Commonwealth, connections with or within the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, Africa, Asia, continental Europe, or beyond. Appointment will be at the associate or full professor level.
For more information: https://tinyurl.com/mupy5vk7
Deadline: July 11, 2024

Marymount Manhattan College – History and International Studies

Marymount Manhattan College seeks applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor of History and International Studies to begin Fall 2024 pending final budget approval. For more information visit: https://www.mmm.edu/offices/human-resources/faculty-positions.php
Deadline: August 1, 2024

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