Kāko‘o Ikaika Brief

Project Name

Kāko‘o Ikaika: Supporting Adolescent Hawaiian Students to Achieve High Standards

Principal Investigator(s)

Hugh Dunn

Subject Area

English/Language Arts

R&D Stage


Focus Area

Hawai‘i/Asia/Pacific and Diverse Learners

Target Population(s)

Secondary-level students identified as having targeted and intensive instructional needs

Funding Source

Native Hawaiian Education Act (USDE)

Funding Amount


Funding Duration



Hawai‘i Department of Education


Kāko‘o Ikaika is designed to help Hawaiian students to achieve high standards and graduation rates. A partnership between the Curriculum Research & Development Group and the Hawai‘i Department of Education, the project works with three middle/intermediate schools and their corresponding receiving high schools to build a Response to Intervention (RTI) model that provides a multi-tiered system for literacy and behavior supports. The project provides high-quality professional development and training on adolescent literacy skills and positive behavior support. Project staff include master teachers and school-based part-time teachers who provide supports to schools in the implementation of project activities. It is anticipated that the project will directly serve approximately 1,700 Hawaiian students, 300 parents, and 500 school staff.